How A Smart Home Helps In Saving Money

A smart home is one where all sorts of smart appliances are used every day. Using smart gadgets is not only fun and interesting but also helps in saving energy and money. In our fast paced lives, we barely get time to pay attention to the details of power saving. How simple would it be if the appliances were smart enough to conserve energy automatically? Well, we already are living in that world!Here are some of the smart appliances that help in saving money:

  • Smart Fans
    Technological advancements have seen some of the best upgrades done to this humble home appliance. Now-a-days, you can get all sorts of features in smart fans, like remote control, sleep mode, timer mode, energy-savings. And what’s even better is that the fans are not just techonlogically advanced but aesthetically appealing too. Take for example the Renesa Atomberg Fan by Atomberg Technologies. It’s a designer fan with features like 65% bill savings, compact BLDC motor, smart remote control with 3 modes, anti-dust coating & more. They not only look good in your house but also make your electricity bill look good.
  • Lights
    Smart lighting systems such as automatic timers, motion sensors, light dimmers and energy efficient light bulbs contribute in energy conservation. Such systems which can sense human presence and accordingly turn themselves on and off are a blessing in our fast paced lives.
  • Pool pumps
    Every pool pump uses more energy than you think they do. It doesn’t need to run for too many hours. Setting a timer to have your pool pump run for only 3 hours a day to clean the pool will help you save a chunk of money.
  • Pool heating
    Solar pool heaters are apt for this purpose. Such heaters use solar power to heat the pool which helps in energy conservation as well as saving money.
  • Heating and cooling
    By using a programmable thermostat, one can set the temperature according to various factors such as the climate, number of house occupants and so on. You can also use low wattage Atomberg fans to cut down your electricity bill by 65%.
  • Smart TV
    These TVs have various features which help in recording live shows and watching them later, scheduled on/off and so on.

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These energy saving appliances and systems might cost a little more than the non-smart ones but you definitely get back more than you spend by saving up on your electricity bill.

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