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Ever thought what are we leaving behind for our future generations? A pile of industrial waste and exhausted resources? We as humans owe it to ourselves and our future generations to leave behind a better world. A cleaner, greener world. Recently, a device has been developed that will help clean up the ocean to stop marine pollution. And the best part about this innovation is that it came from a 19 year old boy named Boyan Slat.

He had an idea that no one else could even come up with and at 19 that’s path breaking! Or should we say, its ocean saving!

So how does it work? The increasing plastic in the ocean is harming the eco system and the lives of the aquatic animals. The device sucks all the plastic from a radius of 100kms, cleaning up the ocean. The first prototype goes on floor this year. With an innovation like this, it opens up doors for a revolution.

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Speaking of #Innovation, the Gorilla fan is an by Atomberg technologies not only helps cut cost but also conserving energy which takes of pressure from our non renewable reserves. With small changes like this we can work towards a greener future. With energy savings of upto 65%, it helps conserve electricity on a large scale.

At Atomberg, we strive towards a better tomorrow. Our research team constantly works towards #Innovation that helps conserve energy and at the same time leave lesser carbon footprint making world a better place. And we salute Slat for his vision!

Here is the link to watch more about the discovery at

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