How Indians Can Save Energy While Drying Their Clothes

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India, as we know, is a pretty populated country (an understatement of sorts). Fact remains that the majority of India belongs to a middle class or a lower middle class who can only afford small apartments with or sometimes, without balconies. There is barely enough space in these small houses to accommodate human beings and their furniture, let alone finding room to dry clothes.

How Indians Can Save Energy While Drying Their Clothes

While real estate is expensive proposition, the same strata of society has witnessed an increase in their power of spending. The disposable income has gone up. People who don’t have a balcony still enjoy comforts of smart phones and newer technologies. However, since we are in the season of #monsoons we hope that you think about a solution to dry your clothes and conserve space if not electricity. 

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Here are a few of the various ways in which you can dry your clothes at home:

  • The balcony has been our savior for years
  • Every Indian family, no matter how modernized or backward they may be, use rods to hang clothes on, to naturally dry off in the balcony. This is the most traditional #EnergyEfficient way although it takes a lot of time and really looks nasty with underwears drying for all to see.

  • Electric dryers
  • #EcoFriendly electric dryers not only save energy and money but also save time. In today’s fast paced world, saving electricity is of utmost importance. This is definitely a great one time investment.

  • Electric drying rods
  • Electric drying rods another quick way to dry clothes using #electricity. It’s a cheap and fast way but doesn’t help in energy conservation as much.

  • Electric ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fans are the most energy efficient, cost efficient and space efficient way to dry clothes in India, in houses without balconies or during the monsoons.

Our Low wattage Gorilla fans are perfect for this purpose as they save up to 65% of the energy and money at full speed, no matter how long you keep them on for.
You can now hang your clothes inside your house and not worry about the tremendous increase in the electricity bill which you’ll have to pay off.

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