How The Buildings Are Going Green

When Buildings Went Green

Necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and that’s the axiom behind inventors coming up with eco-friendly solutions to conserve the nature and increase power efficiency, since over a century. Continuous increase in population has lead to rapid increase in the consumption of natural resources for energy, and it is one of the primary reasons for the depletion of our natural resources. Hence using eco-friendly alternatives is an ideal solution to the power problem.

Households and companies have been harnessing solar energy since a couple of decades; although solar panels have been in existence since the 1800’s they were used mainly for steam power. And it’s only in the early 80’s that sophisticated solar panels started being widely used in residential and corporate buildings as energy resource, which actually made a great deal of difference as residential buildings were and are one of the largest consumers of electricity.

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Now, what is a Green Building?

‘In simple words, Green building is any edifice that uses less water, efficiently uses energy, conserves natural resources, reduces wastage and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as against conventional building.’

The green building concept has been enthusiastically embraced by India because of the enormous benefits it has to offer to both humans and nature. Many Indian governments, corporate builders and developers are taking resolute steps towards incorporating the green building concept and being energy-efficient.

Green Building initiatives in India.

Launched in 2007, Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) rating systems has championed the Green Building cause and achieved many milestones in the course. These rating systems have been successfully applied in India in as many as 3,708 buildings, till date with a footprint of 3.82 Billion sq.ft.

With over 2380 registered green building projects and more than 60 #leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certified constructions (the highest certification for energy efficient green construction) India is in synch with a few other countries leading the green building movement globally.

This clearly goes to show that the future of green building sector in India is bright. And with more awareness spreading by the day things look promising, thereby giving way to a cleaner tomorrow and fanning the notion of saving money, energy and reducing waste.

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