How To Be A Smart Water Country?

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Internet of Things is being used to build a smart environment, buildings and appliances in today’s world so that we can have an easier life. 70% of the world is made of water but very little of that can be used by us in our day to day lives. This is why it is very important to use water as carefully as possible. With the use of Internet of Things in technologies that can detect leakage and predict floods, we can ensure a better life for our present as well as the future generations.

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Here are some of the water saving technologies that use IoT:

  • Potable water monitoring
  • Potable water monitoring systems are installed in a lot of residential and industrial areas by which the quality of tap water can be tested.

  • Chemical leakage detection in rivers
  • These systems detect leakages and wastes from factories which might have been discarded into the rivers.

  • Swimming pool remote measurement
  • A swimming pool remote can be used to measure the underwater conditions of the pool without the need to actually enter it in person.

  • Pollution levels in the sea
  • Controlling real time leakages and wastes in the sea is a major task and this helps in keeping the ecosystem clean and healthy for the aquatic animals and plants.

  • Water leakages
  • Water leakage detectors can detect the presence of liquid outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes which help in saving tanks from leakage.

  • River floods
  • Systems are used to monitor water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs so that the upcoming flood situations can be predicted and people can be warned about the same in advance.

Apart from living in a world where we use smart water and smart building construction, we need to start using smart home appliances also which help in energy conservation. Low wattage Gorilla fans save up to 65 percent of the energy and money.

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