Is Hydro-Power Eco-Friendly?

Hydropower is a renewable source of energy that uses the force or energy of moving water to generate when falling water is channeled through water turbines.Hydro-power has long provided flexible, low-cost & renewable source of power for the United States since 1800s. In 2013, hydropower accounted for roughly half of the nation’s renewable energy generated electricity. The energy department in collaboration with the national laboratories and industry and are working to advance hydropower technologies by making them more efficient & environment friendly.

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Hydro is generally thought to be one of the most effective & lowest-cost renewable resources.

Water is free, dense & left to its own devices, naturally flowing downhill. The energy in water is proportional to the flow rates & the head of falling water.

Hydroelectric stations either has dams & reservoir or are run-of-the-river. Hydro is generally thought to be one of the most effective & lowest cost renewable energy.

It may not cause air or environmental pollution due to burning of gas that releases carbon dioxide like other fossil fuel do; but it has a major negative effect environmentally.

Underground water levels near the lake are raised due to the large dams, which has large effect on the surrounding flora & fauna. Even for the large reservoir projects there can be supply problems in summer when flow drops. There can be other problems with reservoirs and not just with hydroelectric stations.

Hydroelectric stations emit methane, which is stronger and more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Since the gas can be trapped and used for power generations with suitable dam designs, this crisis can be virtually eliminated at the design stage.

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