Implementation Of A Smart Environment

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Besides having a smart home and smart appliances, we also need to have a smart environment to encourage a safe and easy lifestyle for us and our future generations.

“A smart environment can be defined as a small world where different kinds of smart device are continuously working to make inhabitants’ lives more comfortable.”
– Cook and Das

Here are some of the ways of implementation of a smart environment:

  • Air pollution control
  • There are various systems that help in controlling the emission of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The root of the emission could be industries, cars or agricultural farms.

  • Forest fire detection
  • Forest fire detection systems are programmed to monitor the level of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to declare and define alert zones. Huge forest fires can be controlled and prevented by using this system.

  • Snow level monitoring
  • This system of monitoring helps in the data collection of ski tracks and avalanche probabilities so that there can be proper forces to help the people in need.

  • Landslide prevention
  • Regular monitoring of soil moisture, density and patterns in landslide helps in prevention of landslides.

  • Earthquake detection
  • Earthquake detection systems in earthquake prone areas keep a constant check using the richter scale so that in case of such a calamity, we all can be prepared in advance.

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These ways of implementation are very global and crucial to ensure a safe and sound environment all across the orb.

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