India, A Leading High-Tech Country

The whole world is getting technologically advanced as days passes by. Countries have been cooperatively participating in giving us a digital world. The top ten countries that are super high-tech and advancing as we discuss about it. India is one of the countries that make it in the list and on the 2nd position. Don’t believe us? Click here to see it yourself.All the softwares that are being used and needed for technology comes straight from India and Silicon valley takes advices from us Indians in Bangalore, technological capital of India. Wipro and Infosys are solid examples for that. India has always been technically ahead since the start.

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India, being conquered for years, its own sciences got abolished and English education took over. But our country is the mother to all kinds of sciences. War science, medicine science, science that studies universe, etc from ages where other countries didn’t know their basics. The first university in the whole world was Takshashila 500, teaching all kinds of subjects including science & technology. Great mind like Bramhagupta was the one to discover gravity thousand years before Newton did. Aryabhatta gave us the digit zero that stands of huge importance in mathematics (base of all technological talks) and Einstein thanks us for that. Talking about technological advancement in India, if war artillery is one of it then Indian king Tipu Sultan used rocketry in wars during 18th century itself.

Today, India accounts over 10% of all expenditure on research & development in Asia and the number of scientific publications grew 45% over the five years to 2007. Indian agriculture benefited from the developments made in the fields of Biotechnology. A separate department for the same was created in 1986 under the Ministry of Science & Technology. Sanskrit, the oldest language and the originator of our national language, Hindi, has been proven to be the most suitable language for computer systems. NASA plans to use it in future.

Notable Projects and Advancements.

Mangalyaan- Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM): the mission launched on 5th November, 2013 by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India’s first interplanetary mission making ISRO the 4th Space agency to reach mars and the first Asian nation to reach Mars Orbit and the first nation to do it so on its first attempt.

Chandrayaan-1: Mission launched on 18th November, 2008. Science journal reported that it detected water on the surface of moon on 24th September, 2009.

Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT): 18 story tall astronomical observatory, extremely large telescope to be built on the summit of Mount Kea in the state of Hawaii. The telescope would be operational in the year 2024.

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