Is Online Shopping Eco-Friendly?

Throughout the years there have been changes in the lifestyle of ours. From literally making detours to store to now buying things with a single click, we travelled a lot.The concept of online shopping whirled the retail industry in no time. Convenience, no middle men rates, quality and all of that while you sit on the couch. Many of them have forgotten the traditional concept of shopping.

Besides the fact that online shopping is booming with success and with our money and participation, is it really contributing to our eco-system even by 1%? Is it really eco-friendly?

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Studies from top notch universities have stated that online shopping have reduced the number of individual vehicles on the road and that has brought down the amount of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere but what about the delivery trucks, bikes, vans? They are still travelling from one end to another to deliver the parcel. They do contribute carbon dioxide and in huge amount than any other sedan or van.

The packaging might be the centre of attraction due to the cardboard boxes and the plastic wrapping that is used; most of the companies have been using recyclable material to make boxes and eliminating the plastic and bubble wraps. Instead, more recycled card board is used to keep the items safe.

The traditional way of shopping gave the customers chance to see, feel and test the product or commodity before buying. With online shopping you cut that process out and returning the product requires a new set of work also let’s not forget the second round delivery trucks have to make.

The Privacy is also one of the most recurring issue noticed by many website developers and a regular complaint filed by consumers. Make sure to check the authentication of the website before entering any personal details. It could be violated.

E-receipt is a thing you guys. The delivery man has a card swiping machine that is also is your receipt. All you have to do is sign on the screen as you would on the paper and the registered number is notified with the message with every detail about the product and the billing amount.

Easy huh? Even though life is a bit simpler by shopping online, there are still no fixed reports on online shopping being 100% eco-friendly. But you know what is? The Atomberg Fan. We, Atomberg, have come up with India’s most efficient fan. It saves up to 65% on your electricity bills and uses only 25 watts to function. It is by far the low wattage fan than other one out there in the market. Also the BLDC motor is of high quality and your fan ends up using only 1/3 of the electricity.

Now that is cool!!

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