Look What The Owner Of Ambuja Ceramics Has To Say About Atomberg’s Gorilla Fans!

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We are guessing you already know what a Gorilla fan is and in case you’ve missed out on this energy efficient home appliance, you can get a quick recap here.

So, Ambuja Ceramics and Atomberg i.e. our team collaborated to create an exciting case study with our low wattage fan and the results were incredible. Typically, in a small scale ceramic manufacturing industry, the process of drying of the ceramic materials is carried out by utilizing multiple ceiling fans that work 24/7. Yes, tiny maintenance breaks are taken however the #electricity is consumed non-stop, weekly and there is wear and tear on the fan itself.

As part of our case study with Ambuja Ceramics, we replaced all their ordinary fans in their premises with our Gorilla fans and the results were phenomenal. Each Gorilla fan consumes only 28 watts at full speed in comparison to an ordinary fan that consumes 80 watts under the same circumstances, Gorilla was a winner. Ambuja Ceramic’s electricity bill savings went up to INR one lakh thirty one thousand and forty in just a month. That is 1, 31,040 rupees! And what maks our case study so unique is that every single energy efficient fan from Atomberg has been working without a hiccup. Did you know what the owner of #Ambuja Ceramics had to say about our Gorilla power saving fans after using them? Here, take a look:

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“Being a typical Gujarati businessman, initially, I laughed at the idea of buying such high priced ceiling fans. But once I did a pilot with 30 fans, I could see the results for myself. The fan actually pays for itself within 1 year. And more than the saving, what impressed me was the quality of the fan. It has been more than 6 months and till now each one of the 500 fans is running smoothly. The fans continuously run 24*7 and are switched off only during weekly maintenance. I am planning to change the fans for all my 8 factories over the next few months”

Ashok Bhai, owner of Ambuja Ceramics

This basically has set a wave of change in the industrial markets, wherein multiple manufacturers and industries including warehouses, factories and production units have replaced their fans with our electricity efficient fan a.k.a Gorilla Fan. This case study has proved that Atomberg has been successful in contributing to energy conservation at a large scale.

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