Match Your Home Appliances To Your Furniture

Appliances now friends with furnitureA homemaker spends most of the time vacuuming, cleaning, washing and ironing, cooking etc. ‘sounds backbreaking’ however it’s a relief when you have hi-tech appliances to assist you. For centuries we have been using various household appliances to make our daily chores less laborious and less time consuming.

Home appliances have come a long way and evolved throughout centuries. Manually operated machines were replaced by self-contained electric and gas powered appliances that were made in America in the early twentieth century.

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More than appliances

Today in the 21st century home appliances are more than mere devices; they are now expected to be aesthetically appeasing, energy efficient, while they continue to perform effectively and also #killthebill. This has lead to a surge in the number of appliances manufacturing companies offering a wide range of options.

The latest trend among the home makers is matching home appliances with the furniture, especially the colour, and it does make sense given that the amount people spend on home interiors these days is significant. And with this increasing discretionary income people look for better options every other time. Many homes these days try and choose a theme when considering interior decoration and it’s not just limited to furniture and upholstery, even the appliances like the refrigerator, TV, ceiling fan etc. are taken into consideration.

Use of related colours, appropriate placement of the furniture and appliances etc. ties the home together and gives it a uniform flow thus adding to its beauty.

So choose your colour, know your style and inspire awe.

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