Modern & Contemporary Ceiling Fan

In keeping with the modern times, ceiling fans too have evolved to a great extent, both in terms of performance and looks. Contemporary ceiling fans are a combination of creativity and technology, clubbed together.

When we compare contemporary ceiling fans to those that were manufactured long back, we can see apparent differences in the technology, their performance, and their looks. Thanks to modern technology, ceiling fans have come to be more energy efficient while delivering optimum cooling effect. They are now equipped with high-performance motors and are made from superior grade materials. These two factors have contributed significantly to reduce noise, vibration, and performance issues.

While energy efficient motors ensure that ceiling fans work noiselessly while consuming very less power, aerodynamically designed blades help overcome the drag factor, thus, improving the functioning of the fans to a great extent. After years of research and development, engineers have crafted modern fans in such a way that they are cost-effective, energy efficient, and deliver excellent air circulation than the earlier models that operated on single phase induction motors.

Now, coming to the design of modern ceiling fans, it can be said that they have taken a more modernist look. The fan blades, the motor housing, the blade brackets, and even their screws are given a sleek and stylish finish. Contemporary fans fashion fancy and ornamental designs that contribute to their overall attractive appeal. From experimenting with materials to colors, fans are no longer the simple device they used to be. Fan blades are crafted out of wood, copper, aluminum, and various other alloys and given a sophisticated finish. Some fans come with glossy finish while some boast of a matte look. To add to the convenience of the consumers, many ceiling fan models have an anti-dust coating.

Contemporary ceiling fans almost always have a complementary remote that is loaded with smart features such as the Timer, Sleep, and Boost Mode. The timer allows you to set a time for running the fan after completion of which it’ll turn off automatically. The sleep mode reduces the speed of the fan after a set time as allotted by you while the boost mode paces up the fan for maximum airflow. These features are not just convenient but also energy saving.

Another interesting feature about contemporary ceiling fans is that most fan models have a tiny switch on them that allows you to reverse the direction of the fan. A ceiling fan is set to rotate in the anticlockwise direction so that it can push the cool air down to the floor level. When you reverse the course of the fan, that is, set it in a clockwise direction, it pushes the warm air down towards the floor and draws the cool air towards the ceiling. As the air continues to spread throughout the room, it starts to get warmer. This is very beneficial during winters, and it also cuts down on your heating costs. By using a ceiling fan along with your thermostat, you can keep your thermostat at a low temperature and still enjoy a warm ambiance within the room.

Modern fans are much more developed and advanced than their earlier counterparts. Apart from cooling your home, they also enhance the decor of your room and help you save a lot of energy.

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