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Fans are the most widely used electrical appliance in homes and offices. This is because fans are economical, cost-effective, and the most efficient way of cooling standard spaces. To cater to the different cooling needs of consumers, fan manufacturers today have designed various fan models with differing sizes, the number of blades, styles, and shapes.

When you are looking for a fan for your office or workplace, you need to keep in mind that office fans cannot work like household fans. Office fans are usually high-speed and standard-sized fans that can efficiently cool large spaces. For small office spaces, table fans are the ideal option.

Different Types Of Office Fan

Today, there is an array of fans available in the market, and so you have a lot of options to choose from. While some offices use ceiling fans, some use table or pedestal fans. The choice primarily depends on the space available and the decor of the office.

  1. Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans are the popular choice even when it comes to office spaces. This is mainly because ceiling fans are often equipped with high-performance and energy-efficient motors. The coverage area of these fans is also more extensive than other fans.

  2. Window Fans

    Window fans are mounted within a window frame to facilitate air circulation within the room and to drive out the stale air from the room while replacing it with fresh air from outside. Though these are ideal for small rooms in offices, they are not very popular as they often make a lot of noise.

  3. Wall-mounted Fans

    As the name suggests, these fans are mounted on the walls using brackets and screws. They are fixed on an elevated level on the wall to facilitate the airflow throughout the room. They are quite cheap and are ideal for small offices.

  4. Tower Fans

    Tower fans have a slim and attractive design which makes them perfect for office spaces. They circulate air at a 90-degree angle, and when placed correctly, they can distribute the air throughout the room. They operate noiselessly.

  5. Box Fans

    Generally, box fans are used in conference rooms and dining halls. They operate on the floor level and cool a room by sucking in the warm and stale air from the room and driving in fresh air from outside.

  6. Table Fans

    Table fans are the best fans for cooling individual desktops. They are small and compact and can fit in perfectly well on tabletops and shelves. They come with different speed settings so that you can regulate the fan speed according to your convenience. Also, most table fans come with an oscillation feature – the fan moves from one side to another (180 degrees), covering a wide area.

The Best Fan for Your Office

While purchasing a fan for your office, keep in mind the following factors. The perfect fan office fan is one that not only cools the room well but does so with minimal noise.

Office spaces vary from place to place. While some offices are huge, some are small with a limited area. So, choosing the right type of fan for your office is necessary for its optimum functioning.

  • Size

Fans that have to be used in small cabins of offices should not occupy more than half the space of the room. They should have a compact design to fit perfectly within the room while delivering good air circulation. Cabin and wall mount fans are ideal for such cramped office spaces. Large office rooms can be cooled using either ceiling fans or floor fans (tower fans, pedestal fans, etc.).

  • Noise

A working environment demands calm and quiet. Thus, fans in offices should operate with minimal noise. Fans equipped with superior quality and high-performance motors operate noiselessly and produce excellent airflow.

  • Motor efficiency

Fans that use BLDC motors are the best choice for offices. These motors are highly energy-efficient and generate high speed even while consuming less power. BLDC motors are reputed to cut down your energy costs up to 65%. Moreover, they are very durable and function steadily even during power fluctuations. When fan motors are not of good quality, with time the fans tend to become noisy and lag in performance.

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