Atomberg Effcio+ Pedestal Fan

The Efficio+ pedestal fan is designed with an energy-saving BLDC motor and a separate oscillation motor. With strong ABS plastic and metal body construction, it is safe to operate, looks good and is easy to clean and install.

BLDC motor

Adjustable height
for dual use as a table or pedestal fan

Extra durable
strong ABS plastic

Double ball

Separate motor
for oscillation

  • Boost Mode

    Boost Mode

    Highest speed performance

  • Sleep Mode

    Sleep Mode

    Decreases the fan speed by 1 notch every 2 hours.

  • Up To 20 ft

    up to 20 ft

    Operable distance
    using remote



  1. Super-Efficient: consumes only 28W of energy, almost 1/3rd of an induction motor
  2. Runs 3 times longer on an inverter battery
  3. Noiseless operation
  4. Intelligent electronics & AtomSENSE algorithm
  5. Smart Remote control
  6. No heating: ensures longer motor life
  7. Consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage
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  1. Extremely inefficient: Consumes 75-80W of energy with enormous heating losses
  2. Humming noise
  3. Failures in bearing and copper windings
  4. Non-consistent output
  5. Dependency on external capacitor and regulator: This results in associated losses and costs
  6. Zero flexibility: in terms of design, material selection and size
  7. No compatibility with IoT: plain mechanical devices
  8. No scope for innovation