Places Where Electricity In India Is Missing

Economic growth for India is only possible when all the resources such as coal, oil and gas or in renewable forms such as solar, wind, hydropower and biomass are utilized in a better manner. Electricity is the most important form of energy to be driven for the economic growth. For growth to be sustainable, the electricity as a resource has to be efficient and affordable for rural India.Electricity always acts as a catalyst for the development of country. However it’s almost been 68 years for India to gain its independence but we are still struggling to find electricity for our villages. Much of our rural India still lies in darkness. The saddest part is that much of the villages don’t even have the proper electricity poles or infrastructure to pass the electricity.

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In Bihar, almost 54% of electricity was either stolen or lost in 2015. This report was given by Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal. Recently, Indian government launched ambitious project of rural electrification to supply 24 hour power to its villages by 2022. There are almost 139 villages in Assam, 25 villages in Bihar, 21 in Jharkhand, 60 in Odhisha, 30 in Uttar Pradesh and some in Rajasthan that were electrified.

Bihar is one of the poorest states when it comes to electricity. With almost a population of 105 million, it is most populace and lacks electricity almost entirely.

At Uttar Pradesh many of the households receive electricity only for 4-5 hours in a day.

Jharkhand has the most pitiable situation. They face blackouts for five days straight.

More than 93% of rural households in Chattisgarh use firewood to cook food followed by Rajasthan (89%) and Odisha (87%).

More than 26% of rural households still use kerosene as the primary energy source for lighting.

Another thing with electricity is that, no region in India whether its rural or urban, is provided with 24*7 power. We do face the issue the power cuts on regular basis. With the recent electrification project on way, we did notice changes with the electricity provided. However, electricity consumption in India is still the lowest all over world.

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