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Atomberg MG1 India’s first Mixer Grinder with Inverter Technology

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Why should you choose us ?

Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology

Less power consumption, better performance
Slow Mode

Slow Mode

Helps retain texture, taste and nutrition
Intelligent Motor

Intelligent Motor

Enhanced grinding experience
Minimal Interface

Minimal Interface

With gradient LED lights that indicate speeds


Highest speed performance


Decrease the fan speed by 1 notch every 2 hours

UP TO 20 FT.

Operable distance using remote
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Slow Mode

Revisiting the truest-form slow Indian cooking and letting nostalgia ( and great taste and texture and health) take over. Grandma took hours to make your favourite coconut chutney, chunky and full of heat.

The Atomberg MG 1 takes a little less than a couple of minutes.

The Slow Mode grinds anything ever so-slightly. It retains the texture because not everything needs to be mashed and finely powdered. It retains the taste because some things just taste better when creamier.

It truly is the time to 'slow' down.

The blades of the machine have to you don't.

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Tackles the most difficult ingredients with equal ease


The Atomberg MG1 is the only mixer grinder which comes with a chopper.


The Atomberg MG1 is the only mixer grinder which comes with a chopper.

The various jars are designed to meet all your needs including the needs you didn't know you had.

Until just now

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Everything that will make you drool in the middle of the day




Technical Specification

Sweep Size 230 v – 50 hz
RPM Rotary switch with off , Slow mode, Pulse mode , Speed – 1st , 2nd , 3rd
body-material ABS Material
jar-material Stainless Steel
power-cord PVC insulated 3core flex cord with plug-top & earthing
Number of Jars Liquidising jar , Dry jar , Chutney jar , Chopper jar (optional)


Speed Steel Jars Chopper Jars
Slow Mode 5000 RPM 2000 RPM
Pulse Mode 18000 RPM 2000 RPM
Max Mode 18000 RPM 2000 RPM


Q.1: Why is my mixer grinder not stable? Why does it sometimes displace during heavy applications?

All mixer grinders get their stability due to their suction foot. If it is placed on a slippery surface, the suction won’t work. Hence, it is always recommended to place it on a stable and clean surface.

Q.2: How do I clean the base unit?

Clean the base unit using a moist cloth and let it dry. Never immerse the base unit or jars in water or any other liquid.

Q.3: Why is there a weird smell emanating from the unit when in use?

Most electric appliances smell weird during the first few rounds of usage, This is normal. If the problem persists, you can contact Atomberg’s service centre.

Q.1: Why is the mixer grinder not running if the jar has not been placed on top?

The Atomberg MG 1 comes with an advanced jar sensing technology which allowes you to run the mixer grinder only if the jar is placed and locked properly.

Q.2: Why is the machine making noise while in use?

The loud noise is due to the nature of ingredients. Hard ingredients like turmeric, coconut, chana dal, ice will be thrust against the steel walls and that might make unpleasant noises. This will be arrested after 15-20 seconds of grinding.

Q.3: Why is there an initial vibration when starting the machine?

It happens only when a tough ingredient is being powdered. This will be arrested after few seconds.

Q.4: Can I use all the jars at all speeds?

Yes. Based on your grinding needs and the texture you desire, you can use all the jars at all speeds.

However, the chopper jar runs at 2000 RPM regardless of the speed the machine is set at.

Q.5: What is the use of the small lid in the liquidizing jar?

You can add liquid ingredients through the small lide without opening the actual lid. The calibration on the lid helps to measure liquids upto xx ml.

Q.6: What is the ideal usage of the given set of jars?

The liquidizing jars is used for making batters for idli/dosa/vada, and churning milkshake/lassi etc.
The dry grinding jar is used to grinding dry masalas like sambar powder, rasam powder, garam masala, jeera, pepper etc.
The chutney jar is used to make small quantities of chutneys and dips.
The chopper jar is used to chop vegetables and herbs.

Q.7: Why the jars are heating up ( Especially the dry jar)

Dry masala like garam masala, besan, rice, jeera etc when powdered in higher speeds , the particles collide with each other which creates the heat and noise. This is transfrerred to the jars and thus we feel the jar is hot when we touch it.

Q.1: What is Slow Mode? How does it help?

Slow Mode is a feature unique to Atomberg. It is used when you want to obtain coarser texteures which is difficult to make and control in high-speed grinding.

Q.2: What is the difference between the speed of ‘Slow Mode’ grinding and regular speed grinding?

The machine runs at 5000 RPM in slow mode while the machine runs at 10,000 RPM at regular speed.

Q.3: Can I grind hard ingredients on Slow Mode?

It is not recommended to grind hard ingredients like turmeric/nutmeg on Slow Mode. Use higher speeds for better results.

Q.4: For how long can I run the Atomberg MG 1 on Slow Mode?

Depending on the recipe and the texture you need, you can run it up to 2 minutes on Slow Mode.

Q.1: What do the LED lights indicate?

LED lights indicate the status of the jar placement, the speed at which the mixer is running and the error indication.

Q.2: What should I do if the orange light is on?

The orange light indicates that the jar is not placed or locked properly. Ensure you lock the jar properly before switching on the mixer grinder.

Q.3: What should I do if the red light is on?

Bring the knob back to ‘0’ and start the machine again.

Q.1: Can I use the chopper jar for other grinding needs apart from chopping?

Since the chopper jar has been specifically designed to chop ingredients , it is not recommended to use it for other applications.

Q.2: How do I use the chopper jar?

Fix the top blade in the bottom blade shaft and rotate it clockwise to fix it properly. Place it in the chopper jar and add the ingredients. Now close the lid firmly as given in the user manual and place it on the mixer grinder.

Q.3: How do I clean the chopper jar and its blades?

Remove the blade carefully after chopping, remove the residual material from it, and hold it from the plastic end and keep it under running water.

The chopper jar blades are very sharp. Always handle with care.

Q.1: How do I contact the service centre?

You can call us on 8448449442 or mail us at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM or you can register your complaint on our website by clicking on

Q.2: How do I avail the warranty?

You can call us on 8448449442 or mail us at [email protected] between Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM.

Q.3: How can I find a service centre nearby?

You can click on to find the entire list of our service centres.

Q.4: How do I track the status of my complaint?

The status of your registered complaint can be tracked by clicking on


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I heard a lot about BLDC fans from social media, and finally decided to test one before replacing all my old, energy-starved ceiling fans. My hands-on experience with Atomberg fans was excellent. The fan gives more breeze than a normal ceiling fan.

Its silent operation and energy-efficient construction attracted me very much. The speed regulation can be done with the remote control, and hence, no fan regulator is needed. There is no separate fan bed switch needed either. I didn't have a single unsatisfactory experience with this product.

Excellent BLDC Fan

23 January 2019

Really impressed by its performance. It actually gives more cool air than the normal fan I had previously installed, at the same speed settings. Maybe that's because it's almost winter now. The real test will be in summer when there are power cuts every day and the room temperature hits 35 degrees.

To top it all off, this fan saves inverter battery power if you live in an area where there are regular blackouts by power companies. The main reason I bought this is because my power company was hiking their already high electricity rates even higher. Replacing my normal fan with this one will drop the monthly units consumed by quite a bit. I should've bought this a year ago.

Really good performance while saving electricity

19 September 2018

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( Atomberg MG1 India's first Mixer Grinder with Inverter Technology )

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