Reasons Why Smart Toilets Will Be Revolutionary

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Porcelain throne, commode, loo. Whatever you call it, the business has stayed the same, even with the luxuries involved. Today, with everything being affiliated with smart technology, toilets are keeping up in the race. Smart Toilets were introduced by Japanese firm Toto in the CES Las Vegas 2016. This smart toilet lifts the lid when it senses you coming and puts it down when you finish the business and leaves, warms the seat and cleans itself. These smart toilets come with actilight technology, the whole pot is sterilized with UV lights that helps kill the bugs and keep it non-sticky.

It also dries your rear with the stream of warm water and air. Just imagine this treatment on a cold night. Bluetooth, speakers, smart phone connectivity and ambient colored lighting also are some features provided with the toilet. These hi-tech pieces comes with a hefty price tag of $10,000 at Toto and $4,000 & above at Kohler Numi (without remote!). For the consumers on budget can ditch the pot and opt the seat by Toto.

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Chennai was the first city to have smart toilets in India followed by Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. These toilets are associated with an app ‘eToilet’ where people can map, locate, use and give feedback to these eToilets.

Eco-friendly provisions have been made for the waste treatment using anaerobic bio-degradation. Model e-Lite 14 is powered fully by solar panels to eliminate the use of electricity and prove to be more efficient. These models do not require manual maintenance.

Out of 183 eToilets in Chennai, 40 are reserved for women with sanitary napkin generator and incinerator. Re. 1 eToilets have been launched on Thane-Belapur Highway & Palm beach road. The bio-degradation transforms the human waste into fertilizers for a healthy growth in crops saving the cost to manufacture artificial fertilizers that harm the ecosystem during its production. Also, the toilet paper cost is cut-off by 40% per month that is 100 less sheets per month.

Over 1,600 units have already been installed in private buildings and schools across 18 Indian states by Eram Scientific Solution- an Indian social enterprise. They won a grant of $450, 000 from Bill and Melinda gate Foundation. They also happen to be the creator of the app ‘eToilet’.

Over 60.4% of India’s population is still without access to proper sanitation; it is the largest number of people defecating in the open in India. These smart toilets and revolutionary in their category with the contributions in the society for maintaining a healthy ecosystem and granting solutions to making public sanitation for India’s urban poor.

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