Richest Startup Founders Of India

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Research claims that Nine out of ten start ups fail but the one that survives in the Industry creates an inspiration around. The founders do have the passion and enthusiasm to be sustained in the business and money just becomes a byproduct of the enduring hard work. We have some of the young startup founders in India who have also made it to the richest young Indians to look for.

1) Bhavish Aggarwal, 29 and Ankit Bhati, 28:
The IIT Bombay graduates found OLA and have certainly taught Urban India to commute in style. The net worth of the #OLA founders is 2330 Crore each. The founders are #youngest to feature in the Rich List of Huran List 2015.

2) Rahul Sharma, 37:
Rahul found #Miromax in 2000 along with his three friends. With a vision to sell Smartphone to Indian audience at a reasonable price Micromax launched Canvas series in market. The added feature to the deal was enabling Hugh Jackman as brand ambassador for the company. The net worth of the company is 21,000 crores and the Rahul Sharma’s net worth is a whooping Rs.4050 crore.

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3) Sachin Bansal, 34 and Binny Bansal, 31:
The #Flipkart founders seem to be unstoppable after the acquisition of Mynta as well as Jabong. Ironically these IIT Delhi graduates used to be ex-employees for Amazon. Sachin and Binny are worth Rs. 9010 crore each.

4) Kavin Bharti Mittal, 27:
The instant messaging at a rage, India found its very own app called Hike Messenger. Found by the Mittal Group Japan’s Softbank Telecom provider it is the Brainchild of Kavin Mittal. With its quirky stickers, hike soon became popular among youth. Launched in December 2012, Hike as of today has net worth of $14M.

5) Vijay Shekhar Sharma, 37:
Founder of Paytm, Vijay has tasted victory the hard way. Paytm is widely used for payments and mobile credit top ups. Currently the worth of Paytm founder is Rs. 2824 crore.

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