Rural Electrification; The Truth In Darkness

A layer of dusk has formed over a tiny village in Bihar and it’s time to begin the evening chores. Women come out of their homes handling the oil lanterns to hang over the doors. This is the scenario of every household in the Indian villages that is facing the issue of power cuts.However, in November 2015, 96% of Indian villages were electrified and yet the nation still lies in darkness. A large part of electrification in Indian villages is still on paper and only 60% of households receive the bouts of electricity.

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A report claimed that 96% of households were electrified in state but only 56% households use electricity connection and rest have kerosene to lit their homes.

Uttar Pradesh:
At UP, 60% households were electrified. But the number of electricity theft at households is also at rise over here. Many households receive only 4 to 5 hours of electricity during entire day.

Jharkhand has a very pitiable state because almost 60% of domicile has to face blackouts for four to five days. It is only 2% of the state that receives electricity for more than 20 hours.

Another reason for the lack of electricity is that people don’t take up the connections despite having a grid for electricity; the reason being affordability of connection charges, maintenance and reliable supply.

The grim situation to ponder over is that all around India it is just Gujarat and Chhattisgarh that has 24 hour supply of electricity. Be it states like Maharashtra, West Bengal or Goa that are led by popular politicians power shortage is all over in these states.

The imperative solution for the villages is to switch to the renewable source of energy that is solar energy. The version of solar panels also becomes an expensive one making it a onetime investment.

At Atomberg Technologies, the same solar panel is used along with Atomberg Fans and other smart appliances that can reduce the number of panels to be used. Hence, it would indirectly reduce the cost for panels. It is advisable to switch to Atomberg fans and LED from the solar panels which are more efficient and economical.

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