Size of the Ceiling fan

One of the most difficult decisions while purchasing new fans is to decide the size of the fan. Since room sizes are different, the number and size of fans in each room would be different. This article will help you make a much better decision the next time you decide to buy fans.

Ceiling fans, as you already know do not reduce the temperature of the room but circulates the air already in the room. If you are in a room with running ceiling fan you might not always feel a major difference in the temperature. This is because a ceiling fan does not change the space air temperature it only circulates the air in the room.Fan blade size plays a major role on the amount of air that is being circulated in the room. To ensure smooth air circulation of room it is essential to have a ceiling fan of a right size. Following table show’s the size of blades you should use for your room:

ceiling fan blade size

There are cases when you will have a bigger room but due to L shape structure or tight space or false ceiling you might not have the provision to install a fan as big as a standard 56 Inches.In such cases you can install 2 fans of 42 Inches to increase the air circulation in the room and to make it picture perfect. In cities like Bombay even 42 inches can be a tight fit and you might opt for 36 Inches.

It is advisable that before making any decision you also calculate the distance between your ceiling and ground.To understand what length of down rod you should use you can use the following data:

ceiling fan height

Also, if you have a false ceiling make sure you calculate the distance between your fan and wall horizontally so as to avoid any inconvenience after you procure the fan. Ideally the minimum horizontal distance between wall and the fan blade should be 10 inches. You can use the following data to understand the size of the fan you need to use for your room:

However, one needs to take of few things:

1. If you are just procuring blades do consult an expert regarding the compatibility of the blades with the motor.
2. Never use a motor of smaller blades with larger blades, it can increase load on the motor which can reduce the life and increase the power consumption.
3. When larger fans are used make sure that there is sufficient height between ceiling and the fans. To understand the height of down rod to be used refer to the table above.

To have good air circulation make sure you always use right size of fan and always make sure fan is installed correctly. A correctly installed fan of right size increases the air circulation in the room which may add up to your savings. You can save more than 1000-1500 Rs per year compared to a regular ceiling fan if you switch to Atomberg fan which consumes only 28W of Power at highest Speed.

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