Smart Cities Are Founded On Eco-Friendly Approach

The smart city mission is a bold initiative by #ModiGovernment with an aim to improve the quality of life by smart planning of cities. With a rise in economic growth, it is necessary that the future of our cities become a reliable and sustainable one.However, the definition of a smart city may vary from city to city, region to region and the willingness to change and reform per se. No single definition can describe the Indian smart cities as we have diversified Indian culture and rules in use.

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The urban populations grow largely and according to research, about 75% of population will start living in cities by 2050.

Efficient use of Energy: A smart city must focus on providing electricity to every household but at the same time must try to reduce the bill amount. It must be transparent when it comes to the cost meters.

Environment friendly: Proper sanitation is a necessity for every citizen. Currently India accounts to 50% open defecation issues which can be witnessed in cities like Mumbai too. Hence, good infrastructure as well as every household having a recycling waste machine is a necessity.

Better constructions: The construction of commercial buildings and residential areas should focus on conserving the environmental resources such as water and energy by building the solar panels.

Strengthen IT & communication: Technology is slowly but gradually replacing manpower. Hence smart cities will be witnessing few the changes too. Broadband connections all over city are one of the undergoing changes.

Structural Planning: The cities should be planned in such a way that the residents have convenient access to workplace from their homes as well as good functioning of public transportation.

Accessible Healthcare: It is the birth right of every citizen to have better healthcare facilities within the vicinity of their residence. With a spike in healthcare budget according to Modi Government by 27%, four new college institutions like AIIMS will be established.

Hence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of Smart Cities is intended to transform the lives and living conditions of the citizens of the country. It can be a farfetched dream, but there is no turning back for India now as we at Atomberg Technologies are determined to improve the use of electricity with The Atomberg Fan.


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