Standard Ceiling Fan

What Are Standard Ceiling Fans?
Standard Ceiling Fans are the conventional ceiling fans that are commonly used in homes and offices. Ranging from sizes of 40 cm to 140 cm, these standard ceiling fans are available in many different varieties, specifications, and designs. Since these fans have a flexible size range, you have a large variety of options to choose from, according to your needs.
Standard Ceiling Fans can operate well on less power and hence, are a popular choice. These fans have different blade spans and designs to suit the cooling needs of all kinds of rooms (small rooms, standard rooms, and large rooms). Most advanced models of standard ceiling fans operate noiselessly, so they are also great for bedrooms, apart from living rooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, etc. It is one of the most common household appliances.

Different Types of Standard Ceiling Fan
Standard ceiling fans are available in many varieties and types. They are classified by blade span, energy efficiency, type of motor used, and so on. So, while purchasing a fan, you need to get your preferences sorted.

  1. Energy Star This category of ceiling fans deliver high performance while consuming very less power. The arrangement of a high quality motor with specially designed aerodynamic blades optimizes their overall performance. Usually, these fans have DC motors. Though they cost a little more than regular fans, but given their efficiency and durability factor, they are a great investment. Also, the fact that they use minimal energy is beneficial to our already strained energy resources and environment.
  2. Dual Motor FansAs the name suggests, dual motor fans use two motors to function. The motors are connected to each other by a horizontal rod. It is like two powerful systems are integrated into one. The fan is designed such that both the motors can run at their respective speeds. Having two motors, these fans operate with double the force and deliver better cooling over a large area. For this reason, dual motor fans are commonly seen in big corporate houses or large rooms.
  3. Fans with Lights
    Fans are no longer boring and simple, just meant for circulating air. Today, fan manufacturers create fancy and stylish fans to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your homes and offices. Ceiling fans with light units impart a unique and beautiful look to your room. You can install bright LED lights in these light units or choose a light to complement the color of the walls in your room. Moreover, you can also choose to use fluorescent lights and incandescent lights to jazz up your room decor. Since these are inbuilt units, they require maintenance.
  4. Hugger/Flush Mount FansHugger fans are essentially low profile fans that are used in rooms with low ceilings (less than 8 feet between the ceiling and floor). These fans are placed very close to the ceiling, hence the name ‘hugger.’ The mounting bars are very short and strong. These fans use spinner motors and different types of mounts such as flush mounts, standard mounts, etc. Hugger fans fall on the smaller side of standard ceiling fans as they usually range between 30-40 cm. Since they are meant for rooms with low ceiling height, they do not allow much scope for customizations (light kits, pull chains, etc.)
  5. Remote Controlled Fans
    This category of standard ceiling fans is more advanced as they come with smart remotes that allow you to operate and control their speed. These remotes are loaded with smart features such as Timer, Sleep, and Boost mode, to name a few. Remote controls make the operation very easy and convenient as they allow you to control the fan from anywhere in the room, without getting up each time. Also, they can be operated through the switchboard, like regular fans. If you wish, you can also customize these fans for a more classy and elegant look.

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