Atomberg BLDC motor Technology

A leap forward

Say goodbye to outdated induction motors

Switch to India’s most energy-efficient motor with Atomberg’s fans.

All our fans come fitted with a revolutionary BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) motor. What does this mean for you? Energy savings, bill savings, noiseless operation and a remote control to conveniently operate your path-breaking fan.


  1. Super-Efficient: consumes only 28W of energy, almost 1/3rd of an induction motor
  2. Runs 3 times longer on an inverter battery
  3. Noiseless operation
  4. Intelligent electronics & AtomSENSE algorithm
  5. Smart Remote control
  6. No heating: ensures longer motor life
  7. Consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage
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  1. Extremely inefficient: Consumes 75-80W of energy with enormous heating losses
  2. Humming noise
  3. Failures in bearing and copper windings
  4. Non-consistent output
  5. Dependency on external capacitor and regulator: This results in associated losses and costs
  6. Zero flexibility: in terms of design, material selection and size
  7. No compatibility with IoT: plain mechanical devices
  8. No scope for innovation
Technology Efficiency

Highest Efficiency at every step

Atomberg fans are equipped with intelligent electronics programmed with the AtomSENSE algorithm.

This motor-tuning and calibration algorithm checks various motor parameters in real-time and controls the motor in a close loop, ensuring an efficient motor performance.

The algorithm is also incorporated with protection handlers that keep the motor safe from voltage surges, current surges in coil, peak power locking and coil heating.

Small in size,
big on innovations!

The compact size of our motor has created room for more innovations to be bundled together

  1. Constantly evolving motor designs to match a contemporary aesthetic.
  2. Longer blades guarantee better air delivery.
  3. Futuristic controls like voice command and app control for the ultimate smart fan experience.
  4. The luxury to be flexible with material selection, resulting in superior product design and finish.
Technology Innovations

Control it all with a button

  • Boost Mode

    Boost Mode

    Highest speed performance

  • Sleep Mode

    Sleep Mode

    Decreases the fan speed by
    1 notch every 2 hours.

  • Up To 20 ft

    up to 20 ft

    Operable distance using remote

Button Control

IOT Compatibility

Atomberg Smart Series Fans can be used with the Atomberg app. This works exactly like a remote control allowing you to control the fan using your mobile phone.

Our fans can also be controlled with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Atomberg App Button Control

It’s as easy as flicking a switch

Atomberg fans have been programmed to respond to normal
fan switches, so that they can be controlled with ease
without the remote, app or voice control.

fan speed - 3

If you close the switch and turn it on and off 3 times in a rapid
succession the speed changes to 3, as it is a 3 mode increment

Toggle Step 1 (Turn On & OFF) + Toggle for the required speed

No regulator, easy control.
That’s Atomberg technology for you.