The Future Of Home Appliances

Everyone remembers watching the cartoon series “The Jetsons” as kids. How mesmerized we used to be looking at the hi-tech gadgets. It’s been more than 29years the show aired its last episode but it still amuses us. Did you ever notice how many of the gadgets are now more than fiction? The Jetson’s sleek TV is the modern day flat screen television. We now have tanning beds that they used as tanning lamps and remember Jane on the video call, well there is Skype and Facetime now.

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Science is making rapid progress and it won’t be long before we have robots running around us and having automated houses. Inspired by the Jetsons, we have made a list of the appliances we will be able to see in our near future.

  1. Robots
    Everyone has always dreamed of a robot cleaning their house while they relax on the couch. While we have devices like the iRobot and Neato that can give us squeaky clean floors we aren’t quiet far away from fully functional robots that are being tested and developed in Germany.
  2. Controlled lighting
    With lights and fans now being able to be controlled with a touch of a button, we soon expect automated electric appliances controlling themselves according to the ambient sunlight and weather giving optimum output.
  3. Power tracking
    Imagine a #home where the appliances tell you what they need so you never have to worry about changing that candle in the water purifier or when the air conditioner reminds you about the air filter change. What’s better that your house tells you about its carbon emission helping you reduce your carbon footprint and build a greener environment around you. Powerhouse Dynamics, a Maine-based company, has unveiled their Total Home Energy Management program, which does just that.
  4. Smart Toilets
    A world where you wouldn’t have to worry about flushing when you visit the toilet in the middle of the night would be perfect, isn’t it? Being able to sit on a warm seat on a winter morning and having the water adjusted to the perfect temperature. Kohler is working towards a perfect toilet, developed with a foot warmer, air drier and a motion sensored cover. Soon you won’t cringe to wake up on a cold night.
  5. Facial recognition for security
    It won’t be long before we can all get a bit of Bond movies in our homes. With finger print recognition making progress, we will soon be able to secure our homes with our faces. Facial recognition softwares are being tested for the mass market and will soon be a reality.

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