The Future of Household Appliances

How many times have you walked into an Air Conditioned Room on a hot and humid day, and started feeling extremely cold after 10-15 minutes? And the person sitting on another corner kept on complaining that he is still feeling hot? For an average Indian, this will be a pretty regular occurrence. This is what happens when all the focus is on reducing the air temperature and no focus on air circulation.
But think of the possibilities if someone comes up with a next generation smart fan. A fan that will interact with the AC and maintain a uniform room temperature by circulating the air in a much better way. A fan that will drastically reduce the electricity bill by helping you operate the AC at a much higher temperature. A fan which is India’s most energy efficient fan consuming just 28W. And everything including speed, room temperature etc will be controlled by a smartphone app. All the user has to do is to input the desired temperature of the room.
And what if the ceiling fan is modular? Add a heating coil to it, and it will act as the best possible heater for your room during the winters. Add a LED, and its aesthetic value increases manifold. And the LED will change its brightness depending on the time of the day. Add a mosquito repellent, and all your dengue-malaria worries disappear immediately. Add an intruder detection alarm, and all your theft related worries will no longer be there. Add luxury designer blades, and suddenly the ceiling fan becomes the center of attraction, both literally as well as figuratively.
Yes, the team here is currently working on making these things a reality. Bringing next generation yet energy efficient products is at the core of Atomberg technologies. There is no other organization in the world to have done it successfully. So, we thought why don’t give it a try. And after already successfully launching India’s most energy efficient fan, we are very close to creating the next generation product that we have always dreamt of.
And why should we restrict ourselves to ceiling fans? The scope of smart appliances in the entire household appliances segment is limitless. Your washing machine, your mixer/grinder, your geyser and all other appliances can be made 10 times smarter. And with the rapid advent of IOT worldwide, there is absolutely no reason why the Indian consumers should be left behind. And if things go according to plan, the consumer appliances market in India will be disrupted forever.

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