Things to look for while buying a wall-mounted fan

In today’s world, talk about choices! Be it a phone or unnoticeable everyday objects like a fan, the market is filled with options that suit everyone’s requirements. There are different types of fans available in the market right now.
If floor space is an issue at your place, a wall mounted fan works best. Wall mounted fans are increasingly becoming more popular and are perfect for spaces like home gyms, garages, greenhouses, and outdoor patios.
You can sort the best wall fan according to your requirements and arrangements. So be it the fan size or the place where you’re looking to mount the wall fan, everything plays a crucial role in deciding the perfect wall fan. Here are the features which you should look out for:

Size: While looking into a wall mounted fan, size is the foremost thing you should consider. A larger space will require correspondingly larger wall fans in order to move sufficient air around the room. Generally any fan less than 18″ Ø will be too small for commercial applications and you may need to use a larger fan, possibly as large as 30″Ø.

Oscillation: The oscillation function is a very useful feature. In most applications you need your wall mounted fan to oscillate. But you should also look out for whether the oscillation can be switched on and off.

Speeds: It’s good if your wall mount fan has a speed control. Look for a fan that is as big as you can reasonably accommodate so that you can run it at low or medium speed. A smaller fan will need to be running at full speed. This way your wall mounted fan will meet your requirements in a quieter way and will also last longer.

Build quality: A wall mount fan should have some weight to it and feel solid. Go for metal cased motors, and metal protective cage round the fan blades. The fan blades are moulded plastic that make them less prone to damage and if impacted tend to spring back to their previous shape.

While not all wall mounted fans in India are the best in quality, there are many renowned brands in the market that allow you to make the best decision.Atomberg is a prominent name in the fan industry. Known for its innovative and efficient designs. Furthermore, the Atomberg wall mount fans come with powerful BLDC motor that does not heat up. This means you can keep the fan on for longer hours. It also saves 45% on electricity,runs 3-times longer on inverters and has 10% more air delivery compared to existing wall-mounted fans in the market. A perfect companion for summers, Atomberg wall mounted  fans also come with a 2 years warranty.

So, if you’re planning to buy one, you can visit us for more information:

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