Top 10 Innovative Home Appliances

Do you ever wish to have a fully automated home that’ll understand your need of time and act accordingly. Maybe it’s a little early too for that but the steps to advancement aren’t too bad either.Here are some of our top picks.

1. Nest Stat Thermometer
A device that can bring down your energy bill by 20% by learning your preferences. It also maintains a specific temperature in your house if you’re away for a while. The device is controlled and managed by smart phone and an accompanying app. It has been recently acquired by Google.

2. Kevo Kwikset
Kevo helps you stay safe from the break-ins. It is a simple touch dead-lock that will only open up with the e-key on your smart phone. You can share e-keys to your friends & family so that get the access to your house for a specific time. You can delete the e-key for anyone anytime. The technology is making its way to India soon.

3. Smart TVs
Smart TVs turned the world upside down and has been in the process even since its release in the US in 2013. Smart TV has connectivity to Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. A vast range of apps can be downloaded right on the TV set, from Netflix to Facebook. Voice control and other interesting features along with a manual remote control is provided with a Smart TV. You can also play videos and photos from your smart phone via Wi-Fi.

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4. Smart Fridge
A 6-8 inch LCD screen is fitted in the wall of the fridge. The screen displays a range of connectivity options including smart phone mirroring, smart TV playback, memos, calendars and internet radio. Though the energy consumption is what most of the manufacturers are trying to work on but at least now we can Bruno Mars while cooking.

5. One Touch Dishwasher
The traditional dishwashers consumers up to a gallon of water for 3 sets of dishes including bowls, spoons and side dishes for 32 minutes of washing that burns a lot of electricity. One Touch manufacturers promised to deliver a 27 minute washing cycle with using the water from the sink also less energy consumption makes efficient enough. The dishwasher is light weighted so that you can just tap open the container by a simple push with your fingers or your knuckles in case you just devoured that tasty roast.

6. Electric Stove
Electric stove works on electricity that is converted into heat to cook or bake. It became popular as a replacement to burner stoves (+ LPG cylinders). Electric stoves heats up pretty fast and are coated with special kind of glass that does not heats up except the heating are. No more nasty burns while cooking and save some electricity while at it.

7. FitBit Bands
This revolutionary product is seen on every adult, teenager and senior citizen’s wrist. Fitbit has an in-built motion, heat and pulse detecting sensor that displays the distance you run, heart rate and any body movement. It even records the data on the selected device as back up. Fitbit also informs you about your sleeping habits and calories intake.

8. The Atomberg Fan
The Atomberg Fan by Atomberg is one of its kinds. It has a high quality BLDC motor making it a low wattage fan by using only 25% watts. It helps you save up to 60% on your electricity bills. How? It uses only 1/3 electricity compared to ordinary fans in the market. Click here to know more. Also, it comes with free installation.

9. BeOn Smart Lighting
BeOn’s smart bulbs keep shining even when the power goes off. These bulbs automatically turn on when someone rings the door bell or an alarm goes off. They are a little pricey but our value to your money.

10. SkyBell Video Doorbell
SkyBell’s video doorbell comes with a terrific video quality with a 1080p resolution and it is integrated with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT making it a unique and competitive product in the category. The video storage is online & free. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it high-tech and smart.

What a time to be Alive!

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