Top Five Smart Cities Around The World

The concept of Smart city is something we all are familiar with. The use of digital technologies to enhance the performance of the public and private services is the simplest definition of a smart city.These smart cities not just use technology to save money but also to create high-quality employment, increase citizen participation and become great places to live and work. Below are few smart cities that are setting examples from all around the world:

  1. Columbus, Ohio, USA:
    Columbus is home to highest metropolitan of Fortune 1000 companies in America but also to a low-income population of factory workers. Smart city was bought up to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Columbus also has many startup acceleration programs and capital attraction.
  2. Ipswich, Queensland, Australia:
    In 2011, the city of Ipswich published a 20 year economic development plan. The city uses digital technologies to attract commercial and residential tenants and to improve public safety. It bought out some notable green standards that it makes a sustainable town.
  3. Mitchell, South Dakota, USA:
    It had been a rural city all while but in recent years it has topped the economy with agriculture. Engineering, consulting and software companies have made Mitchell into a regional hub for expertise and services.
  4. New Taipei City, Taiwan: Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei is a knowledge based country. They have more than 10,000 Wi-fi hotspots in convenience stores, tablets and computers into classrooms in more than 300 schools. City has made huge investments into high-speed roads and rails.
  5. Rio de Janerio, Brazil:
    Rio has always been more famous for its beaches and carnival spirit than for being a business hub. But with the preparation of 2016 Olympic Games gave the city a chance to redeem itself. It has created a better transportation system and infrastructure problems. Rio receives FDI investment from Sao Paulo.

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