Top Renewable Energy Companies In The World

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With the world realising the ever rising need for energy and the major depletion of resources over the years, major companies are trying to balance this ratio with renewable energy making #energyreform. The increasing population and the progressing economies, it is no surprise developing countries like India and China on the forefront.Major companies have opted for alternative energy to keep up with the changing technology with their above-average volatility and better efficiency. The largest chunks of alternate energy in the year 2016 with the best investment are the companies below.

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  • First Solar

    One of the most sought after by the market analysts, First Solar Inc. was founded in 1985. With the largest thin-film capacity, the company also makes crystalline silicon solar modules. It further plans to triple its capacity from 200 megawatts to over 650 megawatts in the next three to five years which will curb the blow on fossil fuel consumption across the globe which is their prime objective.

  • NextEra Energy

    Started in the year 1984, it has grown to become the leading source of wind and solar energy in North America. Its subsidiaries Florida Power & Light Company and NextEra Energy Resources, LLC have helped achieve this with regulated Florida providing about 40% of the revenue to the company. It has expanded its operations to Hawaii and continues to grow in the sector.

  • Hannon Armstrong

    Commonly referred as Yieldcos they have been famous for low risk, high yield. They are one of the most popular renewable energy financing vehicles. Hannon uses its considerable expertise in energy efficiency financing to gain access to financing high quality alternative energy projects that may lie beyond the scope of some yieldcos. The company often invests in projects in the advantageous position of a more senior creditor than other yieldcos that may also be providing financing.

  • ABB

    Based in Switzerland, the company is known for its electric transmission parts and equipments. The company provides design and construction services to bring wind and solar power into commercial consumption along with providing automation technology systems.

  • It’s a much more expensive set up, but proves to be more cost efficient once starting to run.

  • SolarCity Corporation
    A much recent company founded in the year 2006, this California based company designs, sells, finances and installs solar power to the masses. It sells the electricity generated through the solar panels it makes for commercials as well as residential use. It also deals with #energystorage along with electrical power systems and charging electrical vehicles. It is also responsible for helping develop a solar powered home battery with Tesla Motors.

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