Vintage & Antique Ceiling Fan

Vintage & Antique Ceiling Fan

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A fan is an appliance whose primary function is to circulate air in the room. A lot of people nowadays want to give their homes a beautiful, antique touch. When you spend a lot of your hard earned money on building a home, you would not wish to compromise on anything, be it the comfort or the looks. Lately, there has been a huge inclination towards using vintage and classical looking fans to impart a nostalgic feel to the room decor.

Vintage Fan

Drawing on antique designs and silhouettes, vintage fans have a beautiful, retro feel to them. These fans are standard in size and come in a variety of styles. What sets vintage fans apart from other fans are its great looks and finish. These fans usually have fancy blades made of wood or bronze. The paint and finish of vintage fans have a classic tone. One very common feature of these fans is ornamental lights hanging from the motor housing.

The number of blades of these fans may be anywhere between three to six. The purpose of vintage fans is to enhance the overall vibe of the room.

The Styles Of Vintage Fans

Vintage fans can either be classic or antique. While the classic designs are neat and simple, the antique ones are artsier and ornamental. The colors of these fans are usually very graceful like cream, pearl white, earth brown, sand brown, or having subtle earthy tones.

Antique Fan

Although antique and vintage are two terms often used synonymously, antique fans are slightly different from vintage fans. They are incredibly ornamental, almost royal in looks. Antique fans are usually designed as low-speed fans for their primary purpose is to jazz up the room decor. These fans can often be seen in large palaces, museums, and other such historical buildings.


Apart from their look, vintage and antique fans function just like regular fans. All the components are crafted and fit in carefully to go with the antique theme. The materials used in these fans are expensive and of high quality. Hence, they are costlier than regular fans.

Both vintage and antique fans, speak of exquisite and fine taste. If you are a lover of antique designs, you should go for vintage or antique fans. They’re bound to enliven your place.

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