Vintage Ceiling Fan and Antique Ceiling Fan


Vintage Fan

A fan is an appliance whose primary function is to circulate air in the room. A lot of people nowadays want an old wooden/ bronze finish to their newly constructed/ renovated houses. After spending a lot hard earned money on their home, people don’t want to compromise on any part of the room. A recent trend has been to use classical looking fans to make the ceiling fan look vintage. The design of vintage fans started earlier and is growing at a good scale.

Vintage fans are styled with good quality paints. The fans are styled and painted either with a wooden or bronze finish to give it a vintage feel. One commonly found feature in these fans is a light fixture in the bottom of the fan. They maintain the classical and retro style of design to be, vintage in feel. Vintage is brought in as a style, where all of the features are inherited. The functioning is very similar to normal fans. Though, the look of the fans is made in as vintage, conceptually.

Vintage fan development:

Vintage fans are developed in an industrial environment.  The classification from general to vintage or from vintage to general fans is not important. The working standards are similar. There is a difference only in the overall design of the fan and the metals used.  People apprehend for vintage fans. They search for a particular desire in mind. When the adjacent visual is met they are happy to get their vintage fan. More importantly, vintage fans are favored in design by means of where it is placed, so the other way round where vintage fans are bought and its surrounding is changed as per the glamour of the fan.


Antique Fans and Art:

There is a way to get antique art presented to people and to create such fans, the need for getting an understanding of the way antique fans should be created is to be understood. The art to be maintained in an antique fan is also creative oriented. Royally we assure the beauty of antique fans through its place in art.  Art specifies the antique features in a fan. Like that of the other fans, antique fans are very expensive. They are to be either kept for big rooms or halls or made to be seen in a complete palace.

The Styles used in Vintage:


The styles of design adopted by fan manufacturer vary and it is made to be vintage in an overall way. The fans are studied, before preparing the same for production.  Vintage fans have a different format for color. The color style, form an important aspect of vintage look for fans.

The Working:

The working of antique fans is similar to normal fans. Though, the construction of the fans seems different. It has a maintained, agile strength in with the material used and components and have a definitive architecture.

Antique Fan

Antique fans are a major way of showing the culture of antique design. When drawn into a room it brings a definitive feel of luxury to the living room. Many of the buyers do preserve old antique fans, inherited from their ancestors. Those are called to be master antique pieces. These fans are definitely eye appealing but they will surely not be appealing cost and energy consumption wise. To save up to 65% power switch to India’s Most Energy Efficient Fan Atomberg.



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