Ways To Prevent Home Disasters

When you buy a house, you want it to be the most perfect one and of your choice. But every house owner signs for an invisible contract of maintaining and repairing the house throughout the time they live in. It is very natural of problems to come whether its roofing or buying the matching curtains for your kid’s bedroom.

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But there are bigger problems too, Disasters in fact. Here’s how you can prevent them from happening-

1. Mold or termite removal
Molds and termites are especially sneaky as they develop in places that aren’t easily visible. Molds develop in walls and ceiling and termites call crooks of the cabinets, wooden floors, and ceiling as their home. The damage is often unnoticed. Calling a pest control after every 6 months helps reduce the possibility for termite attack and installing exhaust fans in bathroom or shower area and a thermostat or heater will help keep your house aired out properly. Do not forget to check and fill in the hair cracks in the walls every now and then.

2. Inconsistent water pressure
We all have been through this, and it is seriously some kind of pain to deal with. If the water pressure is inconsistent then it could be a sign of a blocked pipe. A cracked or a blocked pipe can cause water pressure problems. Too much pressure is also a problem as it may lead the fixtures to crack and leak. Make a plumber take look at your pipes. Regular checkups can also keep you noted on the conditions of the pipes. There is smart technology available to install water sensor that’ll allow you to track the water pressure and you can shut the water down automatically to help not exceed the water limit.

3. Getting wires checked
Few houses date old, so do the wiring in. Some replace it some don’t bother much. Old wiring is only meant to last 30 to 40 years. Houses without updated wiring are prone to short circuits and home fires. Experts suggest that getting a professional electrician to survey the house and replace all the old wiring with new ones can reduce the threat of risks. However, leaving plugs on, keeping live wires open in damp areas and makeshift electric boards can cause major damage.

4. 5-star appliances
Regular appliances are efficient to work but that’s not enough. Rise in bills and the excessive power consumption is a deadly combination. Literally. Government authorized 5-star appliances are user friendly, easy on the pocket and high efficient. They use fewer units in order to work eliminating the fuse the circuit. Replacing 5-star appliances adds more to efficiency and less to risks. Check out The Atomberg Fan that helps save 60% on your electricity bills and runs on high-quality BLDC motor using only 25 watts.

5. Replacing old nuts and fixes
Fixtures, attachments are done by equipments like nuts and bolts, nails, steel sheets, etc. These rust and are weathered by time causing them to lose the productivity and keeping the fixtures strong as new. Appliances, heavy show-pieces and other things attached or kept in place with screws, planks holding them up or nails can do some serious damage if collapsed. To you and your money as well. Checking up on every joint in your house once a few months and replacing them will help in keeping things in place and avoiding a disaster ahead.

Happy Housing People!

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