Ways To Save Money While You’re Asleep

Sometimes between automating our homes and saving money we end up paying more than we intend to. New technologies have been helping us to keep a leash on the expenses by introducing ways to save more money. Cool right!? But don’t we all worry about the bills that need to be cleared even when we’re sleeping and the horrifying nightmares we get followed by the thoughts? What if we could help you save money while you’re sleeping instead of facing those nightmares?Switch off the plugs

Let’s say its safe enough to turn-off all the unnecessary plugs. Go on thorough round-ups every night to check all the appliances that aren’t in use while you’re asleep or away. Switch those lights, bathroom appliances off to save more on the electricity bills. Switch off the fans when you’re off to sleep too. And cut off the ventilation and wait for the slow death? NO!! Instead switch to energy efficient ceiling fans such as Atomberg Fans that comes with the sleep mode and built in timer that reduces the speed as the time passes. Think efficient people.

Check the taps

Every night you hear the sound of water dripping from your taps and you’re scared because you fear the arrival of some evil spirit. It’s hard to break your horror-drama fantasies but a huge water bill is what is going to arrive. Make a brave move to step out of the bed, investigate and close the taps to discontinue anymore dripping.

Raise the temperature of your freezer

Yeah we do know there is food stored in the freezer, and ICE!! But the reason behind suggesting this is when your freezer is in the lowest temperature it tends to use a lot of energy units in order to work than the refrigerator area. So, turning the temperature down would not only keep the consumption of electricity at bay but save you some bucks per month. Also, it gives you another reason to prepare that dish you have bookmarked on your browser.

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Slow down the internet/Wi-Fi service

Do we really need the internet while we’re sleeping? Clearly not. We can’t download those awesome dreams. Yet. Perhaps till then consider subscribing to cheaper internet/Wi-Fi packs to save up on money and you can still be accessed to its service. And if that’s not an option for you, you can still turn the router off instead of the main plug and turn it back on the next morning while you shower.

Sleep Early

Yes, you read it right. This one habit will save you money and is actually quite logical. According to a study by University of Chicago staying up late causes 18% of increment in leptin, hormone that tells your brain you don’t need more food and decreases the amount of ghrelin by 28%, hormone that increases hunger. This means you feel the need to eat more in the nights, which causes more trips to food stores and shell out more than you were supposed to. So not only by sleeping early you cut the cost on extra expenses but also you stay fit and hey what’s better than ‘No More Dark Circles’

Opt to in-bed-exercise positions.

Staying healthy and in shape is a must. In order to achieve the ultimate goal we subscribe to gym, yoga classes, zumba-dance class and all that jazz that costs a fortune and then we end up not going to them eventually because we are lazy that way. Switch to in-bed-exercise positions to cut that ‘Wake up at 7am Because Gym’ routine. And save up on money too.

Some of the easiest and simplest ways to save money. Think efficient because we know money is the real shit we all care about. We at Atomberg believe in not only saving your money but value your money. We are coming up with the products that are energy efficient and help you save money smartly.

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