What Is A Smart Building?

Now-a-days, a lot of metals and concrete materials are used in the making of buildings.#SmartBuildings serve the following purposes:

  • Connecting people and technology
    The use of technology includes wires and transistors which cannot work efficiently without people who are residing in that particular building. This is why it is very important for people to be connected to the technology so that the people can live an easy life. This is one of the many things that a smart building assists in which makes it desirable.
  • Connecting building systems
    A lot of the systems which modern buildings use are based on complex mechanism. Smart buildings require a good connectivity between the equipments and the system so that features like chiller plant optimization and the smart lighting system can work properly. The chiller plant optimization balances the temperature inside the building according to the outside temperatures. The smart lighting system dims or switches off the lights when there are less or no occupants at all inside the building.
  • Connecting to the bottom line
    A smart building is a supersystem of interconnected building subsystems which can be compared to the internet but it costs a lot to keep this high level of connectivity. Optimized cooling and ventilation equipments, matching occupancy patterns and dynamic power consumption are some of the features that help in cost cutting here.
  • Connecting to the global environment
    Smart buildings are constructed in a way that incorporates technologies that can depict the environmental status and keep it cool inside accordingly.

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