World’s Most Efficient Country In The World

It’s too easy to predict that U.S. having the highest and leading economy so it is by default the most efficient country in the world. With Those huge and tall buildings, Glamorous LA, Manhattan and the famous rushed streets of New York; its heart-crushing sad to break it to you but U.S. doesn’t even make it in the top 10.There’s a cheap, easy way to have more energy without building another power station or wind farm or even building hi-tech PV modules. It’s safe to say that using less energy to do the same amount of work- i.e. energy efficiency- remains a “massively underutilized energy resource” states new report.

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American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says 16 major economies in 16 categories related to both public policy and performance. The policy includes things like fuel efficiency standards for truck and cars and power efficiency standards for household appliances. Performance includes how far vehicles can actually go per gallon, and the energy consumed by a square foot of a building to heat. These reposts covers three areas: buildings, industry and transport.

If considered points from a maximum if 100, Germany comes in the top 65, followed by Italy with 64 points and the European Union as a whole with 63 points. China tops for the efficiency of its buildings, Germany for industry, Italy for its transportation. About U.S. out of 16 countries it ranks 13th with 42 points, behind China, Canada and India, but is ahead of Russia, Brazil and Mexico who falls in the last three places.

U.S. is does best in the matter of buildings category and lands on rank 8th. Worst for transportation, lands on 15th position. Germany has been voted to be the best country on the basis of the reports based on a global survey by U.S. News & World Report in partnership with BAV Consulting and Wharton.

Meanwhile India ranks 6th in the Economic Growth category. With having a huge number of successful industries making it huge in modern hardware category and providing energy efficient appliances and reduce the number of areas that require electrifying.

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