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India’s Most Energy Efficient Fan

Consuming just 28W at full speed, this super-efficient smart ceiling fan has the potential to reduce your electricity bill by up to Rs. 2000/year. The output performance (RPM and air delivery spread) are also much better than the existing conventional fans in the market)

Super Efficient BLDC Motor

3 Year On site warranty

Runs 3 Times Longer on Inverter

Smart Remote Control with Sleep and Timer Mode


 Gorilla Fan  saves money.

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BLDC Technology & How the Motor Works

Calculate your Savings!

Electricity bill per year (₹) :

BLDC Motor

The power behind the Gorilla Fan

No Heat Loss

No Heat Loss

All Heat Losses and Eddy Current Losses are Eliminated due to the technology

Proprietary smart motor tuning algorithm

Proprietary smart motor tuning algorithm

Use of Atomsense algorithm to tune the motor in real time for highest efficiency

Fan Motor

Sensorless Design

Sensorless Design

Commutation is done by back EMF, thus making the design more reliable and increasing longevity

Use of Permanent Magnets

Use of Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets are used in the Rotor to drive superior performance

Gorila Fan Remote

Gorilla Fans are feature rich!

Timer mode

Automatically stops after the programmed hour
Use this feature when you don’t need fan after 1, 2, 3, 6 or 9 hours
Saves energy, increases comfort level

Timer Mode in Ceiling fans

Fan Remote Control

Sleep Mode

Fan’s speed keep on reducing gradually
During the night increase your comfort level by switching to this mode
Saves energy smartly

Sleep mode in ceiling fan

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