About Us

Atomberg is in the business of revolutionizing India's home appliances, by solving one problem at a time.

Our secret weapon? Asking the right questions. Pointed questions about how we can make our customers' daily lives easier. Questions that require granular answers and thoughtful product design.

Every household appliance we create blends mindful design, energy-efficiency and next-gen smart tech.

We're relentless innovators. We're startup energy blended with big dreams. We think, dream and obsess over customer experience. We are atomberg.

Atomberg Technologies origin story begins with two IIT-Bombay graduates: Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das, and some serious hi-tech.

The first few years were a blur of high-end technical products that went to prestigious clients like the Defense Research and Development Organisation, Bhabha Atomic Research Center and IIT-Bombay.

Then the questions bug bit us. We started questioning why the average Indian had to struggle with outdated home appliances. Or why technology was making rapid strides everywhere else, but home appliance tech hadn’t changed in decades.

We decided to use our wealth of expertise to build meaningful, scalable and impactful products for every Indian home.

Factory women team
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Factory team
Founders factory team
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Everyone else said
“why bother?”,
We said “why not?”.

Our journey of unlocking answers

  • 2012 Small timeline logo
    • The beginning. Big dreams. Very few resources.
    • We begin focusing on building world-class products for the Indian home.
  • 2015 Small timeline logo
    • We decide to hyper-focus on making India’s best fan. Manoj and a team of engineers built, refined and repeated prototype designs round the clock.
    • We were incubated at the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT-Bombay
    • A relentless routine of testing and refining resulted in a prototype that was ready for the market in 6 months.
    • Aarti Chemicals believes in our vision, and gives us funding to set up a plant in Navi Mumbai.
    • We sell 500 fans in the first month. The team was overwhelmed. But we’d just begun.
  • 2016 Small timeline logo
    • We begin to sell online.
    • Reliance, Infosys, Tata, IIT and IIIT-H become loyal customers
  • 2017 Small timeline logo
    • We win awards from WWF and UNIDO.
    • We win the National Entrepreneurship Award from the Government of India.
    • We launch the most successful demand-side BLDC program with Tata Power.
    • Our fans are the highest rated on both Amazon and Flipkart. We’re honored that India recognizes and loves us.
  • 2018 Small timeline logo
    • We enter the retail space across cities.
    • We’re finally making over a crore every month from e-commerce.
    • We design a futuristic, IoT compatible fan. When all our handheld devices are ‘smart’, why can’t our fans be?
  • 2019 Small timeline logo
    • The Atomberg family has grown from just Manoj, Sibabrata and a small team of engineers to over a million happy customers.
    • We now have the capacity to produce a million fans every year.
    • We’re now present in over 60 Indian cities.

That’s just the beginning.
You’ll see more and more of us very, very soon.

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