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In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore dust accumulation is one of the biggest problems. The accumulation of dust has said to create quite a lot of respirational problems. It’s essential that one keeps the houses clean and dust free, which becomes a task in the fast moving city life.

It’s during festival time every house requires a thorough cleaning. Cleanliness of all first sight objects for the guest like floor, cupboards, TV’s, refrigerators & ceiling fan is a common sight in everybody’s house. Cleaning the floor, cupboards & other appliances might not be a tough job, but cleaning a ceiling fan can become the messiest and the toughest job, as one need’s to put a paper in the nearby area, tying a cloth around the face and finally climb up to clean the fan. Make sure in case the height between the ceiling and ground is more then you have someone the ladder or keep a first aid kit ready just in case of an accident!

To avoid such situation, the best solution is to buy an anti-dust fan. The working principle of Anti dust fans is no rocket science. Anti-dust fan are said to reduce the dust collection by 50% as compared to ordinary ceiling fan. The secret behind the technology is that the fan blades are coated with Nano Technology paint which is hydrophobic (Nonpolar molecules that repel the water molecules) and oleo phobic (a type of material, which lacks an affinity to oils, ergo) in nature. These fans have anti-graffiti PU topcoat which repels water by nature, increasing the contact angle of the liquid with the flat surface, which makes liquid form droplets on the blade and slide down instead of sticking to the blade. The advance cross linking density and lower surface energy of the paint fill used on the blade help reduce dust accumulation of the fan in the long run. Hence the dust does not stick to the blade as a thick dirt base as it is on ordinary fan.

These blades are launched by all major fan manufacturers in India and are heavily marketed in India as Anti Dust fans. These fans are usually sold as premium segment fans and cost in the range of Rs 2500- Rs 7000 range. A lot of fan manufacturer are launching this fan with BLDC technology to give the consumers an additional advantage of power savings along with anti-dust feature which makes it a great deal.

We can get to a conclusion that these fans are not 100% dirt proof, but since the dust barely sticks to the blades, it is worth to buy one.

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