Benefits of Ceiling Fan

 In Ceiling Fan

The cheapest and easiest way of cooling in hot countries like India is by use of ceiling fan. Ceiling fan doesn’t really reduce the space air temperature but actually circulates the air inside the room which creates a cooling effect. Using ceiling fan has lots of benefits like:
1. Ceiling fan makes room windy and breezy.
2. Ceiling Fans can improve the décor of the rooms while delivering reliable and efficient performance.
3. Ceiling fans are cheaper as an initial investment than an Air conditioner. The power consumption of a ceiling fan is also significantly lower than an Air Conditioner which will reduce your power bills.
4. In case of power cut ceiling fans can be very easily used with a regular battery backup as compared to an AC.
5. If AC is the primary source of cooling, ceiling fans can act as a backup in case the there is a break down in the Air conditioner.
6. In countries like India, Pests, flies and mosquitoes is a problem every family deals with. Ceiling fan can help to get rid of such insects and pests.
7. Compared to a pedestrial or table fan as ceiling fan is installed on the ceiling it is out of the reach of child which makes it safer to use.
8. Ceiling fan has a huge variety to choose from compared to any other cooling appliance.

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