Energy Conservation: Need Of The Hour

India has grown into one of the most powerful developing nations over the years. The rapid advancement is seen in every sector of the economy. From a country of oil lit villages, India now has electric supply even in the most remote mountains. Hand pumps have been replaced by electric motors, agriculture has now been automated with tractors and other electrical equipments. The cities have been a slave to non-renewable energy more than ever, from water supply to running elevators in high rise apartments. This ever increasing supply maybe a sign of development but is now proving to be a threat to our environment. With our increasing dependence on non-renewable energy it is all the more important to conserve energy in order to maintain our lifestyle and prevent our lives from coming a standstill. Talking about conservation, let’s talk about why is it the need of the hour.Over the years, the ratio of production to consumption has doubled. Non renewable energy as we know has limited sources. Fossil fuels are depleting rapidly. The number of cars on the roads is increasing with every passing day. Almost every household in major cities have more than one vehicle. Buildings in cities are now as high as 50 floors with a minimum of 10 floors. Water supply is not possible without electric pumps. Also elevators have now become a necessity. Most simple everyday activities require electricity, from the morning coffee to hot water for the shower. If we continue to exploit the non renewable energy at this pace, it won’t be long time from now when we won’t know what to do with our lives anymore. Cars will rust in garages. And Fuel will be expensive than diamonds. Buildings will be empty. Tractors will be an antique and with no transportation, people will starve. We are on the run for turning into a dark village again and as citizens it is our responsibility to preserve and conserve what we have to continue the lives we lead. To not turn back time into the medieval era we need to switch to environmental friendly options. We have to use energy sources that don’t put strain on our renewable resources.

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Besides ourselves, it is also important we think about those who can’t think about themselves. Our energy consumption is responsible for creating a lot of pressure on the ecosystem. Marine life is depleting due to our dumping of waste from factories into water bodies. The quality of air detoreates every time a new industry is set up. The ozone is tearing up exposing us to UV rays and creating a health hazard.
The list is endless, but the only solution to all of these problems is turning towards a more #sustainable way of life. Using non renewable resources like sun and wind for energy production. Using fuel efficient vehicles. Using applicances that are energy efficient. A good example is the Atomberg fan by Atomberg technologies which not only is good for the environment but also for your pockets!

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