First Green City In India

“PEOPLE GROW GREEN AND GREEN MAKES PEOPLE GROW”A green environment actively contributes to the quality of life.The fact remains that people are happier and feel better in green surroundings.

Cities in India are growing fast in terms of technology, infrastructure, and environment, and they are happily adopting the #GoGreen way of living.

Some clean and green cities like – Guwahati, Dehradun, Bhubaneshwar, Shillong, Ahmedabad, Lavasa, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Shimla – not only seem beautiful with lush green premises but also use natural gas vehicles or CNG to reduce the pollution. They recycle waste and give back to mother nature by conserving resources.


Agartala, capital of the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, runs Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles on a large scale. In 2013, all public and private vehicles in Agartala, switched to Compressed Natural Gas, making it ‘India’s first green city’. CNG is economical and safe to use as an automotive fuel. Citizens use Piped Natural Gas in their kitchens. It emits no soot or smoke and cooks faster than normal Liquid Propane Gas.

This city is very clean and green with trees, plants, lakes and parks. The city dwellers of Agartala have really transformed their lives and are very conscious of maintaining low emissions into the environment. For an eco-friendly funeral, instead of using traditional firewood, the locals can opt for a cost-effective pyre run on Compressed Natural Gas. The Battala crematorium, which is the largest in Agartala and it supports three ovens to run on #CNG. Solar energy is also on the cards. The Government has decided to use solar energy in commercial, government and private buildings, to help reduce dependence on conventional energy. The ministry has decided to develop two cities as model solar cities, where an entire solar energy system will be set up to include street lights, garden lights, traffic lights, hoardings and solar water heaters.

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Energy-efficient ‘green’ building will be promoted on a large scale.

Green Cities, Healthy Cities

Living in an urban environment isn’t very healthy and causes stress related issues like breathing problems, acne, hair loss, and depression. Believe it or not, air pollution is one of the greatest threats to simple normal lives in the urban cities. Nowadays, small particle pollution is the strongest cause of air contamination in our urban atmosphere. If urban areas were to plant more trees, shrubs, plants and even mosses, air in bigger cities like Mumbai would be a little more breathable as the plants and trees help filtering harmful small particles from the air. Using energy-efficient appliances also contributes to green city initiatives.

Why Green ?

  • Children develop themselves better in a green environment.
  • Healthcare costs will reduce with the consumption of fresh air.
  • Houses in a green environment are #EnergySaving.
  • Trees and Plants can provide a cooling effect in case of a heat wave.
  • Temperature check !

“The first step to a green building or a green city is by switching to energy-efficient and power saving LEDs and Atomberg Fans, to make the environment healthy to live in.”


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