As fans have continued to evolve, we have witnessed innumerable varieties. From two blades to four blades to three blades; from induction motors to energy efficient DC motors; from ceiling fans to table fans, tower fans, bladeless fans, and so many more. The designs and styles have evolved, and today, fans are manufactured keeping in mind their aesthetic appeal.

A ceiling fan with a light unit is one such fancy and stylish variant of the regular ceiling fan. These fans serve two purposes in one – air circulation and light distribution. This is the perfect example of innovation and creativity mingling in harmony. Philip Diehl was the man behind this concept. In the process of continually improving upon his invention, the ceiling fan, he incorporated a light compartment in the body of the fan. And that’s how ceiling fan with a light unit came to be.

The LED fan is a ceiling fan fitted with an LED light in the motor casing of the fan. LED lights are bright and consume very less energy, and fans with LED lights are energy efficient. Moreover, they look very classy and elegant.

Types of LED Ceiling Fans

  1. Based on Size

    LED ceiling fans are available in many different sizes. The standard sizes for this fan are 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1400mm and 1500mm. While buying an LED ceiling fan, you must take the size of your room in consideration and then choose the fan according to the blade length or sweep. To measure the blade span, measure the tip of one blade to that of the edge of another blade. Usually, a fan with a moderate sweep is recommended since fans with large blade spans that aren’t equipped with powerful motors tend to lag owing to the aerodynamic drag. Also, a fan with a moderate sweep fits well with the ceiling, while a fan with longer blade span might make the room appear smaller.

  2. Based on Design

    Depending on their style and design, LED fans are categorized as Classic, vintage, and modern. These fans have an exquisite and classy look. Some come with metal blades, while others come in wooden and brass blades with beautifully designed motor housings to enhance the overall appeal of the fan. The modern category is based on latest designs and tastes, and the vintage type draws on antique and vintage designs, giving a more nostalgic appeal to your room. However, vintage LED ceiling fans are usually more costly than the modern ones. Also, there are a few models of LED fans that are adapted to change colors according to your mood!

Mechanism of an LED Fan

Much like a regular ceiling fan, the LED ceiling fan also performs the function of air circulation around the room. The only difference in that in the latter, there is a light attached to it. Thus, the fan becomes a two-in-one unit that can be controlled either by a common switch or two separate switches. LED ceiling fans can be customized with attractive and ornamental pull chains for the light unit.

Specifications of an LED Fan

  • The LED fan delivers great airflow similar to many high-performance ceiling fans. The high-end models of LED fans have potent motors and thus, more RPM (rotations per minute).
  • Most models come with a remote with smart features such as Timer and Sleep so that you can save energy.
  • The light color LED lights are better as the brighter the LED light, the more is the power consumed. Also, fans having BLDC motors are the way to go as they are energy efficient.
  • These fans are little high maintenance than regular fans as they have light kits and are fancier. So, installation and cleaning have to be done carefully.
  • These fans are more expensive than regular ceiling fans as they are on the fancier side.  Also, they have LED lights attached to them which are quite costly.
  • Most LED fans come with a three-year warranty.

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