6 Ways To Use Solar Energy At Home

Solar energy is the most abundant form of #renewable energy which is harnessed using various technologies. A solar cell is the basic unit of every solar technology that directly converts solar light into electricity through a chemical and physical process. Energy conservation is quite critical at the moment and it’s time to switch to using renewable resources.

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Here are some of the solar appliances that can be used at home:

    • Solar charger

#Solar chargers can be used to charge your phones, laptops and batteries on an everyday basis. The act of charging a phone consumes very little electricity but you will end up saving a chunk of money when you’ll start using it every day!

    • Solar indoor lights

Using solar panels to power your indoor lighting system 24/7 will not only save you a lot of money but also help in energy conservation which is pretty crucial at the moment.

    • Solar water heaters

Electric geysers consume a bundle of power and replacing them with solar water heaters is an efficient alternative. There are generally two types of solar water heating systems – active and passive. Active ones have circulating pumps and the passive ones don’t.

    • Solar oven

These little ovens can work at a temperature of up to 350 degrees using solar energy alone. It’s made of glass which absorbs the sun’s heat and magnifies it which then can be used for #cooking. This is the best option for camping trips and family picnics.

    • Pool and hot tubs

Solar power units use solar energy to heat the water and clean pools. And if you don’t have an inbuilt solar kit then you can buy one and use it. It’s a little costly but it pays for itself in terms of energy savings.

    • Passive heat storage tubes

These tubes are basically #greenhouse fiberglass tubes that look like thin cylinders which are hollow. These tubes can be filled with water and used to heat rooms.

Utilizing renewable resources for daily usage is an excellent way to save money and conserve #energy. Our Atomberg fans use electricity but serves the purpose of saving money by cutting down the bill by 65%.

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