8 Fun Facts About Energy Conservation That You Should Know

Do you wish to live like Mowgli or Bear Grylls? To survive without electricity, clean water and wifi? As adventurous as it may sound, we all cannot live like that forever. But sadly, there will soon come a day when we run out of energy resources if we keep on using up the resources at the present rate of exhaustion.We suggest you up your energy conservation game and for that, here is a #FactSheet you ought to keep:

    1. Remember that time when your Mother would yell at you for keeping the fridge door open for too long? Yeah, she had a reason, a very good one indeed
      Every time you open the fridge door, approximately 30% of the cold air escapes! This basically leads to more power consumn and a higher #electricity bill.
    2. Google is polluting the world!
      According to the ubiquitous Google, they themselves, use 0.0003 of energy to answer an average search query and gives out about 0.2g of carbon dioxide. Yes, REALLY.
    3. Cook in a microwave to save energy:
      A microwave uses about 50% less energy as compared to an oven. Conserve energy, have Pizzas!
    4. Home electronics consume energy even when switched off!
      Approximately, 75% of electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are off. Televisions consume a lot of energy when turned off which is used in the instant working of the T.V so we don’t have to wait for a minute or two for it to start soon as we switch it on. Keep them unplugged when not in use.
    5. Cars burn more energy than most industries
      Almost 1/5th of the world’s energy is used for transport whereas most of us blindly blame industries for the same.
    6. China beats U.S.A
      China is the largest consumer of energy and the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world now. Nothing to be proud of, we know. The United States of America houses less than 5% of the world’s #energy. Not fair, is it? India, in the other hand, produces the Atomberg Fan which helps in saving 65% of your electricity and THAT we are proud of!
    7. LEDs are the ultimate energy saver
      LEDs are very energy efficient and cheap too. Lights in our homes and offices should be replaced with LEDs to conserve energy.
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    Energy conservation is exactly what our low wattage Atomberg fans aim at. Let’s enjoy the blessings of electricity, clean water and wifi but let’s be responsible citizens of India. Lets adapt to a #SmartLife and save energy! After all, every small step towards energy conservation counts! We need to embrace energy conservation to avoid power cuts.

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