5 Things People in India Should Know About Power Cuts

We all, living in India, are very well aware of what ‘power-cuts’ are and have at some point in life, experienced it. Our reactions to power-cuts are generally always negative. Blaming the government or the local #electricity provider is every Indian’s retort to power-cuts. But it’s not really always the government’s fault, you know?
Here are some facts you might not know about power-cuts in India:

  1. Lack of coal supply is not always the reason behind power-cuts
    Most of the older “aam janta” thinks that the root of power-cuts in India is the coal distribution corruption. This assumption is highly inaccurate. Limited coal supply was a cause for power outage in the 90’s but that’s not the case anymore because now-a-days, #coal is not the only resource of power generation in India. So what is the cause?
  2. The demand VS supply graph for electricity in India is getting ugly
    Our demand for #power supply in India is increasing at a constant stupendous rate. And the rate will obviously increase. However, as a nation, we are unable to keep up with constant increasing demand. Our supply rate is not as fast or efficient. India is on a fast track to technological development which is the good news. Energy-efficient appliances and products such as Atomberg Fan helps in less usage of electricity thereby saving electricity to match the ever increasing appetite for energy in India.
  3. System failures are still very common
    No network can practically be a 100% efficient. You see that in mobile phone networks, electricity grids, water systems that supply across India are failing at some point or the other. System failures were a major reason for black-outs in the past. However, this has profoundly reduced due to an escalated technological development but not completely abandoned especially, in the less developed areas in India.
    power cuts
  4. The reason behind almost no #PowerOutage in certain cities is money
    Metropolitan cities like #Mumbai rarely face power cuts because the local government here buys electricity from other cities or countries to ensure an undisturbed lifestyle which is why more and more people shift here. This factor increases the demand and the never ending road for our demands to meet the supply goes on. However, the story in New Delhi is completely different.
  5. All we need, to avoid black outs, are efficient appliances
    No amount of renewable resources or non-renewable resources will ever be enough to meet the increasing demand for electricity. But what we can do is use efficient appliances that will save power and money.
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