Ceiling Fan Repair.

Ceiling Fan Repair.

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With prolonged usage, ceiling fans start to develop certain performance issues such as noises, vibration, and heating. While calling the electrician for serious problems is commendable, you can fix most of the minor issues by yourself, provided you have proper knowledge about fans and their parts.

Below are listed some common issues with ceiling fans and how to fix those.

  1. Noise
  • Screeching noise

Sometimes fans start making a shrill, screeching noise. This is a minor issue mostly, and it can be fixed with a little lubrication of the bearings. Follow the steps below to fix this problem.

  1. Disconnect the wires as shown in the picture.
  2. Remove all the screws on the fan housing.
  3. Open the fan parts
  4. Using a sponge cloth, clean the spring and the bearing.
  5. Now apply grease to the ball bearings but make sure you don’t overdo it. Repeat the process on both the sides.
  6. Finally, assemble all the parts and mount the fan to the ceiling.


  • Tik-Tik Noise:

If your fan starts making a tik-tik noise, it’s probably due to the wear and tear of the rivets. With constant use over a long time,  the rivets become loose and then the blades start to vibrate, causing this noise. The best solution here would be to tighten the rivets and replace the blades with new ones.

  1. Burning smell:

When your fan emits a burning smell, it indicates that the coil windings are burnt. Though this usually means that it is time for you to get a new fan, in some cases when the damage isn’t too big, the fan can be repaired. It’s better to call an electrician for solving this issue because it is a complicated process and if the winding is not done correctly, it will lead to unnecessary energy loss.

  1. Fan stops and fails to turn on

If suddenly your fan stops working and does not get turned on, it may be a case of a tripped circuit breaker or loose connections in the fan canopy and the switch housing. To fix this issue, first, switch off the fan and check what exactly is causing the problem. If the circuit breaker has tripped, first move it to the “off” position and then push it to the “on” position. Also, make sure that the reverse switch isn’t in the neutral position.

In case of a failed capacitor, just replace it with one having a similar rating and your fan should work fine.

Though these quick fixes may help you save money, the real saving starts when you make the smart choice – energy efficient fans. Choosing energy efficient fans such as the Gorilla fan will help you save up to Rs 1500 annually.

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