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Wall-Mounted fan

    • Compact and powerful BLDC motor
    • 50% savings on electricity
    • No Heating of Motor
    • Runs 3 Times Longer on Inverter

Wall-Mounted Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most widely used mediums of cooling in tropical countries like India. Old ceiling fans are undoubtedly one of the most Energy-guzzling appliances in your surroundings. The entire range of ceiling fans from Atomberg is equipped with India’s Most Energy Efficient Motor which will cut down your power consumption up to 65%. All the fans come with a smart remote which comes with convenience features like Timer, Sleep and Boost Mode. The range of ceiling fans includes premium and simple looking fans which are available in various sizes and colors.

Premium Ceiling Fan


These are Atomberg’s Premium range of fans. The same efficiency coupled with an aesthetic appeal for your home or office!

Type Specification
Finish Glossy Metallic
Aesthetics Glossy Ring and Blade Metallic Cover
Features Remote Controlled
Available Colors Earth Brown 1200MM & Sand Grey 1200MM

Gorilla Ceiling Fan

Size: Color:

Atomberg’s Gorilla range of fans. Rugged, efficient and they come with a minimal look. These fans are made to be used at scale!

Type Specification
Finish Glossy & Matte
Features Remote Controlled
Available Colors Matte Brown, Ivory & White
Available Sizes 900, 1050, 1200 & 1400mm

Wall-Mounted Fans

Wall Fans
A wall fan is a type of a small, oscillating fan that is mounted on the wall of a room for air circulation. They are the ideal option for cooling small spaces and rooms such as restrooms, kitchens, hallways, studio spaces, and so on.

Installing a ceiling fan demands that the height difference between the ceiling and the floor of a room be at least 8 feet. But certain places tend to get stuffy and hot during summer months and require cooling whether or not this criterion is met. For such spaces, the wall mount fan is one of the best options.

Wall fans are either made out of high-grade plastic material or metal. They usually have three blades, though the blade size can differ according to the fan model and manufacturer. They are quite easy to install and come with three different speed configurations. Wall fans can be classified into two categories:

Domestic wall fans: These are small, compact, lightweight, and come in a variety of stylish designs and colours. They are used in houses, offices, restaurants, etc.
Industrial wall fans: These are more robust and bulkier as compared to domestic wall fans and are used in large industrial spaces, factories, conservatories, etc.

Wall fans, like table and pedestal fans, can oscillate to and fro and have two pull cords at the bottom that work as an on and off switch.

Why Do You Need A Wall Fan?
Every home/office needs a proper cooling and ventilation system. Energy efficient ceiling fans are the most economical way of cooling rooms, but sometimes when rooms are limited in area and size, ceiling fans are not the best option.
Small apartments, office spaces, shops, etc., demand a space-savvy choice that also delivers a decent air circulation within. In such a situation, wall fans prove to be very resourceful. They can be installed on the wall of the room, in a way that the air circulates evenly throughout the room. Also, in a room with open windows and doors, they can provide good ventilation by pushing the stale air out and drawing the fresh air inside.

Here are certain factors you should keep in mind while purchasing a wall fan:

  • Fan Size: Choose a wall fan according to the size of the room. If a room in too small, a small wall fan(300mm sweep) will suffice. For spaces that are of a decent size but not big enough for a ceiling fan, a standard size(400-450mm sweep) wall mount fan would be perfect.
  • Build quality: For domestic usage, lightweight fans are ideal, provided the material isn’t flimsy. Such fans are usually made out of plastic or a lightweight metal with chrome finish.
  • Oscillation: While buying a wall fan, always check if the oscillation feature can be turned off so that when the need arises, you can turn it off to get the airflow in a fixed direction.
  • Adjustable angle: Wall mount fans should come with an adjustable angle, that is, the angle of the fan frame to the wall. This feature allows you to adjust the fan head in the direction you desire.

Advantages Of A Wall Fan
Using a wall fan has many benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. They are small in size and hence, can fit in quite well in areas where ceiling fans or bulky pedestal fans won’t fit, such as odd corners of the room.
  2. The blades of a wall fan are designed to circulate the air at high speed to maintain the cooling effect within the room. They can even be a great complement to air conditioners as they can aid in spreading and mixing the cool air evenly throughout the room. So, even if you keep the temperature of your AC high, you will still experience a great cooling effect while saving energy too!
  3. Wall fans are cheap. The contemporary models also come in classy and elegant designs to add a nice effect to your room decor.
  4. When placed near windows, wall fans can create adequate ventilation even in small and stuffy rooms by constantly bringing in the fresh air within the room. So, you won’t feel suffocated.
  5. They are easy to install and clean.

Atomberg Wall Fans
Atomberg’s range of wall fans is energy efficient and provides excellent air circulation. They have a neat and simple design and are guaranteed to cool your room better than any other wall fan in the market!

Key features:

    • Equipped with BLDC motors
    • Specially designed aerodynamic blades for noise reduction
    • Reduces power consumption by 50%
    • High-speed air circulation

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