How People Kept Cool Before Electric Fans & AC’s

The evolution of air-conditioning
In a scorching afternoon it is highly unlikely that, sitting in an air-conditioned cabin/home, one might think of the early ages when keeping cool wasn’t as easy as pressing a button on the remote. However, it’s quite impressive to know the ingenious methods used by our ancestors to beat the heat without the help of ceiling fans or air-conditioners.

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Here we have a few amazing facts about the early air-conditioning that were truly energy-efficient.

Geothermal was known to the early cave inhabitants
It wasn’t difficult for the Stone Age people to figure out that caves were not only safe but also cool places on hot summer days. As extra precautionary measures they even dug burrows and tunnels to keep cool on sweltering days. Even today we are using geothermal techniques for cooling in modern designs.

The Early Egyptians had water-cooled rooms
It was crucial for the people of Egypt to devise techniques to beat the heat considering the ridiculously high temperature of the landscape. That’s when the 1st water-cooled air conditioning system came in existence. Reeds soaked in water were hung at the windows, so the air flowing through them was significantly cool and kept the temperature indoors under control.

Architecture that optimised air-flows
The Victorian homes were built in such a way that the flow of air was maximized which helped maintain the temperature. High ceilings, recessed windows and shaded porches were some of the techniques used to keep the air indoors cooler.

Another such example is the hawa mahal (palace of winds) in India. Its uniqueness lies in the five-storey facade made to depict a beehive consisting of 953 windows and the intricate pattern that cooled the air in hot summers.

So as we can see that lack of electricity did not stop our great grandparents from finding ways to keep themselves cool and they surely paved the way for the modern age air- conditioning inventions. However now-a-days, we can use some of these tips to reduce business energy cost in our day to day lives.

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