Tower Fan Working

How Does A Tower Fan Work?
As the name suggests, a tower fan has a tower-like shape. It oscillates on a fixed base over which it stands. Air gets sucked in the fan through a tiny inlet at the side of the fan casing. Air is pushed out of the fan at a 90-degree angle, which when combined with the height of the fan, contributes to a wider coverage area of air circulation.

Operation Of A Tower Fan:
A tower fan houses a cylindrical container. The impeller blades of the fan are contained in this cylindrical structure that spins with the aid of an electric motor. As the cylindrical container starts spinning, the impeller blades set the air in motion within the cylindrical structure. The air is then pushed towards the vents of the fan.
Unlike a conventional fan that slices up the air horizontally, a tower fan causes the air to move vertically. After passing through a vertical shaft, the air then moves towards the air guide and finally heads towards the exit vent. The air blower pushes the air outside and distributes it evenly throughout the room.

The fan can be controlled both by a manual switch or an electrical control panel.

Basic Features Of The Tower Fan
A high-performance tower fan has many smart and practical features for optimum efficiency and convenience. Here are some of the essential features of a tower fan:

Variable speed
Usually, tower fans come with variable speed settings. These multiple speed settings allow you to adjust the fan speed to meet your cooling needs.

Remote control
The remote control of a tower fan allows you to speed up, slow down, or shut off the fan as an when you wish without having to get up each time.

The oscillation feature enhances the performance of the tower fan as it allows the air to be distributed to a wider and larger area.

Scent control
Many tower fan models have an inbuilt control dial that releases scent during operation. This feature can be turned off in case there is no odour that needs to be eliminated.

Electronic controls
Along with the remote control, tower fans have an electronic control panel on top. You can operate the fan (adjust the scent released, oscillation speed, start and shut down) with the help of these buttons too.

Safe Operation Of The Tower Fan
Tower fans have a compact design that encloses its working unit (motor, blades, etc.) within the outer casing, so it is bound to get heated up. To prevent this, tower fans come with a polarized plug with one wide blade. When plugged into a polarized outlet, it lets the heat pass through the vent.

To ensure safety while operating a tower fan, it is best to place it in a dry area, preferably away from open windows or doors, where there will be no moisture.

Impeller Blades Of Tower Fan
Unlike traditional fans, where the blades are visible, a tower fan’s impeller blades are enclosed within a cylindrical container inside the fan’s outer casing. These blades are designed to rapidly move air through the cylindrical container and then out through the main vents in the outer housing of the tower fan. The impeller blades push the air up and down the container (vertically), which is different from the traditional fans that move the air in a horizontal direction. For even and reliable distribution of the air, the cylindrical container has multiple outlets and closings. It blows out the air at floor level for the most efficient outcome.

Benefits Of Tower Fans
Apart from being stylish and classy, there are several benefits of a tower fan.

  • They are stable, mobile, and space savvy

          Tower fans are tall, slim, and lightweight. They can be placed anywhere in the room as they do not take up much space. Since they are fixed on a base,
    they do not oscillate as much  as regular electric fans do.

  • Tower fans keep the air in your home fresh and clean

     The inbuilt filters of tower fans attract dust, pollen, and pet dander in your home and thus, keep your home clean. They also come with ionizers that
    purify the air in your home.

  • They are quiet

            Tower fans are very quiet during operation unlike air coolers and conventional fans. This makes them great for bedrooms too

  • Energy Saver

            Most tower fan models have a timer feature that allows you to set a shutdown time for
    it. This way you save a lot of energy.

  • Balances the humidity in the room
    Unlike an AC that sucks in the moisture from the room, tower fans help maintain the humidity within the room. This way your skin does not lose any moisture
    and stays healthy.


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