Solar DC Fan

A Solar DC Fan a mechanical fan fitted with a DC motor and solar panels that charge up the fan through solar energy. In these fans, the solar panels are either mounted on the fan body or are attached to it separately. These panels consist of photovoltaic cells made of Silicon or Germanium, which help absorb the solar energy and produce electrons. It is these electrons that generate the electricity required for operating the fan.

Power Consumption of Solar DC Fan

It is a universally acknowledged fact that DC motors are energy efficient as they consume much lesser power than other motors. Also, they are very quiet and perform almost noiselessly.

Solar DC fans can operate on less energy while producing a high airflow. In fact, they can cut down your power consumption by up to 65% while delivering excellent air circulation. Thus, these fans are far more economical and energy efficient than regular fans. Most models of solar DC fans are designed to run on 12V and consume around 25-30W.

BLDC Motor Parts

BLDC motors are highly reliable, durable, and energy efficient. They can generate a high amount of torque with a high-speed range. Unlike brushed DC motors, BLDC motors do not require brushes or a commutator since they are powered up by permanent magnets.
The primary parts of a BLDC motor are the rotor (rotating element) and the stator (stationary element). The stator windings and the rotor magnets make up the other two parts of the motor.

What are Super Saver Fans?

As their name suggests, Super Saver Fans, are fans that generate a decent airflow while consuming minimal power. They are highly energy efficient and budget-friendly fans. Equipped with high-performance BLDC motors, super saver fans produce better air circulation than conventional fans that run on outdated motors. Another great thing about these fans is that they do not get heated up even after running for long hours. They operate quietly and work well even during power fluctuations.

Considering their energy saving feature, these fans are green products, that is, they do not stress out our already strained energy resources and environment. Most super saver fans come with smart remotes and a three-year warranty.

Brushless Ceiling Fan

A brushless ceiling fan uses a brushless DC motor. In this motor, four permanent magnets are arranged in a cross pattern on the sides of the rotor. Since these motors are devoid of brushes and commutator, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear of the machine. Brushless ceiling fans are highly durable and energy efficient. They operate noiselessly and reach their full potential in no time because DC motors generate very high starting torque. With these fans, you never have to worry about short circuits.

There are two types of brushless ceiling fans – BLDC fan with sensor motor and BLDC fan with a sensorless motor. While the former uses sensors to detect the position of the magnets, the latter used back EMF to do the same. Though BLDC fans are a tad expensive than regular fans, they are cost-effective in the long term, owing to their stability and durability.

Different Types of Solar DC Fans and Their Features

Solar DC fans can be classified into two categories – ceiling fans and tabletop fans.

  1. Solar DC Ceiling Fans

These fans can be hung from your ceiling like normal ceiling fans. The only difference is that they are powered up by solar energy rather than electrical energy. Usually, these fans have three blades and consume around 18-20W.

  1. Solar Rechargeable Table Fans

These fans do not need any secondary power inlet. Solar table fans are essentially plug-and-run. They are similar to regular table fans but are much more energy efficient than them. Also, in the manner of regular table fans, they come with oscillation feature and tiltable heads for wider coverage area.

User Manual

  • Solar DC fans mostly operate on 12V.
  • Check your fan every six months for any possible physical damage.
  • Clean the appliance only after cutting off the power supply.
  • Do not use the appliance in events of extreme voltage fluctuations to avoid accidents.

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